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Discover how to grow a profitable business from home, so you can have the BEST MOM LIFE – be present for your children and earn a purposeful income you are proud of.

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Hi there. I'm Michelle.

Just like you, I wear lots of different hats. A mom, entrepreneur, author, wife, daughter and sister with a never-say-die attitude dedicated to helping you live your mom life to the fullest. I've built multiple six-figure businesses from home while juggling three children aged 11, 9 and 7.


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Frustrated with how long it takes to create social media content?

In this on-demand online class, I'll walk you through How to Plan, Create, and Execute a Month of Social Media Posts in One Hour.


After applying what I learnt, I exceeded my own target by earning my company’s Top Recruiter Award five times, in consecutive successions. I feel I am definitely a stronger team manager for my team, and for the sake of everyone who has trusted me by joining my team, I ought to keep learning from the best.

- Kay Ho, Team Manager at Thermomix Singapore

“I joined #MomBossGoal because I wanted a business that would work around my schedule with no restrictions. I was afraid to join at first, but I'm so glad that I bet on myself because knowing how to build and connect to my audience had really helped my business grow, right from launch.”

- Carin Pang, Founder of CP Little Kitchen


“Through #MomBossGoal, I was able to realise what and how I could set up my business. The course is easy to follow and very informative. I love how it is especially formulated for busy moms like me! Thank you, Michelle and Momboss Academy!”

- Jaymie Lacsamana, Founder of My Mum Diaries

I’m so glad to have taken up Momboss Academy courses and masterclasses! Oversubcribed is the BEST program I’ve taken. My audience increases daily, without any giveaways or promos, and I’ve only applied some of what I’ve learnt! The business and engagement picked up steadily with consistent weekly sales.

- Grace Ng, founder of Lenicc Eyewear

#MomBossGoal helped me discover my calling. As a mumtrepreneur, time is a limited resource. With the course modules and resources, I was able to focus on what is important to move forward, and not have to spend time experimenting and trying to figure out how to get started. Instead, I could focus on building my business.”

Sylvia Ng, Founder of OmMummy

“I’ve learnt so much even by just listening in during the Momentum Coaching calls. So glad I signed up and joined other like-minded mom bosses. It is inspiring to see how we all have grown in our businesses.”

- Shiella Ahmad,
Creator of My Gift Maker


"After joining Momentum CoachingI have a clearer direction as to how to market my business, what kind of IG posts to get the most number of likes and engagements instead of posting mindlessly.

Having a mentor and a group of likeminded ladies make running a business less stressful and lonely."

- Diana Lai May Wah,
Founder of Bunny Lashes

"I did not have a clear focus of my business before attending the IN DEMAND Personal Branding Accelerator. After just 1 session with Michelle, I have a clearer vision of where I am heading to and I am definitely looking forward to the next session with her!"

- Rena Rau, Founder of Bubsmamy

"Before the session, I was overwhelmed by all the moving parts of my business, I didn't know what I should do next. After the session with Michelle, I now know exactly where the gaps are and how I can grow my business. I'm so excited for what my business could accomplish!"

- Adelyn Chong, Founder of Abundance Buds

"The 1:1 business strategy session has provided us with a lot more clarity on how we should move forward. The best part of Michelle’s coaching is that she doesn’t give you direct answers. She forces you to think about the gaps and how to fill them. Her questions made us probe into our own thoughts and feelings that the answers became clear.

I think after a long while, we are finally on the right track."

- Louanna Tessensohn, Co-founder and Director of Lil Fairies

"I was overwhelmed. I never imagine that I can manage a family and a business. Through Michelle, I now have successfully launched my second business - coaching others, while managing my family without domestic help!"

- Lydia Nah, Financial Advisor & Founder of Lydia Nah Coaching

One of the best decisions I made this year was signing up for In-Demand Accelerator. It helps me to re-look into marketing techniques for Yuan Zhong Siu and I've got to say that I learnt a lot!

-Jacelyn Phang, Influencer & Marketing Director at Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui

Before IN-DEMAND, I did not know how to brand myself and my products and services. With Michelle’s guidance, I found my niche in baby massage. I did not have sign-ups for my baby massage sessions despite pricing it at only $100. Now, I charge $256 and consistently attract new customers. I am seeing massive clarity and results now.

- Claryn Neo, Motherhood Coach & Certified Baby Massage Instructor

I didn't have clear purpose and specific timeline. @busymumhacks was inspired by what you’ve taught and shared in the program. I’ve also learnt to monetize my Instagram. I have completed a few paid projects, I have two clients that wish to collaborate again on a paid basis, and recently signed a 4 months paid campaign. Thanks Michelle! 

- Andrea Fenton, Influencer 

I used to pitch my story the way I was taught by my mentors in Herbalife until I learned the social pitch in IN-DEMAND, which is very helpful and powerful. I now know how to deliver a pitch that engages my target audience. I have also learned how to better organise my business to improve efficiency and productivity.

- Hsien Hui, Wellness Coach

My business was pretty stagnant, and I wanted to grow it, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward. IN-DEMAND has helped me to gain clarity and confidence in why and what I do. The program brought me on the journey of what makes me who I am today. Seeing things coming together in the first 2 months was mind blowing.

- Emily Seck, Christian Artist & Founder of Studio Seck

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