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How Jayina Chan Started A Business With Customers Ready To Buy

“Chaos is how I learn,” said Jayina Chan, Founder of Anya Meals.

For aspiring mompreneurs, it is essential to know that mistakes are inevitable for any new venture and can be valuable life lessons, if you choose the right mindset and learn from them.

It is also not unusual for mompreneurs to feel 100% overwhelmed by motherhood and also wanting to pursue their own personal dreams and passions.

Ready to get serious about your business and learn ways to thrive, not just survive? Watch on to find out how Jayina started and built her business from home while raising 2 young children and why she thinks originality is crucial for business success.

Here's a snapshot of what we have covered in our chat:

  • How she started the business from home
  • How she spotted a gap in the market and turn it into a successful home business
  • How she differentiated the business from competition for long-term success
  • Why she feels that perseverance is an essential skill to succeed as a mompreneur

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