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How To Build And Grow A Successful Facebook Group

Every successful business starts with drive and passion. Start today. If not when?

From a military officer to boudoir photography, Louise Glendon made a career switch to prioritise her role as a mother and to pursue her passion for photography. She did not have a perfect plan mapped out, but she had everything she needed – passion and perseverance. 

Louise firmly believes that “as long as you keep showing that consistently, you are authentically trying to help people, and give value, then just keep doing it.” 

Starting a business is never an easy task, and Louise too had her insecurities and fears. But she overcame them and so can you.

Louise wanted to go beyond merely selling a service. She wanted to make an impact with her business, Click Love Grow. Therefore, Louise consistently provides value and support to her students through her brand.

And it’s also a smart business move. The strong community that she built, helped to raise brand awareness, build brand loyalty, and improve the outcomes of her business. 

Today, Click Love Grow is a successful business that offers a wide array of photography courses for women. Also, it has expanded into a well-established blog site to educate women on photography skills. 

Watch this to find out how Louise built a super-engaged Facebook group of 27,000 women, over 11,000 Instagram followers, and a mailing list of over 50,000 people.



Here’s a summary of what we have covered in our discussion: 

  • Quitting as a military officer and embarking on a new business 
  • The early days of starting a business from home
  • Building an engaged Facebook group
  • Creating valuable content for business 

More about Louise Glendon: 

Louise mentors moms and women in photography through her signature programmes at Click Love Grow.

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