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How To Consistently Create Social Media Content That Sells

In your latest Instagram post, you are having fun with your kids – rolling on the floor laughing. You are living your best life.

Not only does it garner thousands of likes, but it is also your source of income. In fact, you get paid handsomely for it.

Would this be your definition of a dream job?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful Instagrammer or an influencer?

If you answered yes, you are in luck because today’s guest, Melissa Koh, is a full-time content creator whose Instagram account boasts of 256,000 followers. She has also started her own fashion label, Run After. 

If you are worried about quitting your 9-5 desk job to pursue your dream, you are not alone! In fact, it took Melissa 10 years before she decided to take a leap of faith and do content creation full time, instead of it being a side hustle. You need not always jump in knee-deep straightaway!

With lots of patience and hard work, your posts will gradually be seen by more and more people as you start to gain traction and grow your following. 

Watch the full video to find out what goes on behind-the-scenes of Melissa’s Instagram posts!




  • What Melissa’s consideration was before deciding to be a full-time content creator;
  • How she produces consistent, beautiful Instagram posts and garnered thousands of likes each time;
  • How she continues to stay motivated in such a competitive industry

More about Melissa Koh:

Melissa has enjoyed writing since young as it has been her outlet to express herself, share her thoughts and inspire those around her. Her first entries date back to 2004 when she first started documenting her daily chronicles on her blog.

She started out her career in a reputable bank before deciding to pursue her dreams in 2014—as an entrepreneur and content creator.

Melissa also launched her own fashion labels Run After and Some Days at Home. More recently, she became a mom to her baby boy Noah. You can find her at:

Blog: https://www.melissackoh.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melissackoh
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/melissacelestinekoh
Websites: https://runafter.love / https://somedaysathome.com

Keep the dreams alive,

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