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5 Things To Focus On When You're Starting Your Business

It's normal to feel overwhelmed when just starting a business. There are always so many things to do, one more step to take, one more challenge to overcome... 

When all you want to do is freeze, how can you even begin to think about which way to move forward?

Confused? You're not alone.

On this week of the Chill Mom Boss Show, I reveal what five things are crucial to focus on when starting your business. In this episode, learn how to start your fight towards success and find out how you should actually be spending your precious time and energy.


Here are 5 Focus Areas I covered in this episode:

1. Your WHY for building your business

I talk about Simon Sinek's Golden Circle: A must-do exercise when just starting out in business. Your why will get you out of bed in the morning on the hard days.

2. Understand who you are here to serve.

I talk about Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) a lot in my podcast or training because it's something that I believe no businesses should skip over if they are not clear. If you still haven't nailed it down yet, I created a great freebie to help you work out who your ICA is. You can grab that right here: https://www.momboss.academy/ICA

3. A Clear Brand Message

  These are some of the examples I discuss in the episode:

4. You ONE Favourite Social Media Platform

The importance of choosing ONE platform to focus on in the beginning and creating original, consistent content there on a weekly basis.

5. Find a way to make money RIGHT NOW

Create a way to make money in your business while you’re figuring things out and building the business of your dreams. You’ve got to make money so how are you going to do that right now?

Links in this episode:

Simon Sinek's Ted Talk

Your Free ICA Worksheet

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