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The Power of Human Connection with Simone Heng

Are we losing that human connection?

In the success-driven culture of busyness, it seems that quality personal time for ourselves and the time for cultivating our relationships with others has become elusive. 

It is our innate human need to form bonds and feel connected. We all have the need to form bonds and feel connected with others.

In this week’s episode of The Chill MomBoss Show, I spoke to Simone Heng – a global keynote speaker, sought-after international MC and a former broadcaster with HBO Asia, CNN and CNBC.

Simone dedicated almost 2 years of her life to the study of human connection and she shared how we can reconnect with our inner self and start building deeper, authentic relationships with others.

And it certainly works in the business world too. Deeper connections create customer loyalty and longevity in business partnerships.

Simone explains that we can fulfill this need by nurturing the relationship we have with ourselves first then, with others. When we fail to resolve these innermost desires, it might lead to a deep feeling of solitude.

What was covered during the discussion:

  • Simon’s personal story on discovering human connection
  • Developing a deep connection with ourselves
  • How to connect authentically with clients to maintain that relationship

More about Simone Heng:

Simone is a global keynote speaker and specialist on the topic of Human Connection. She is also a communications coach and a former broadcaster. Singapore-born, Simone has lived in Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE and Australia. You can find her at:

Website: https://simoneheng.com 
Instagram: http://instagram.com/simoneheng 

Links mentioned in the video:
Dorie Clark: https://dorieclark.com
BombBomb: https://bombbomb.com/c
Love Bomb App: https://lovebomb.app


I love this interview with Simone and I hope you will enjoy it too. If you do, please do me a favour by sharing it with your friends and family. Our world needs more love and connectivity right now.

Rooting for you, 

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