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How To Create Awesome Visual Content That Converts (10 Types And 92 Ideas)

If you are struggling with not knowing what type of content you should be putting on social media right now, you are not alone.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs lose out on attracting and engaging their audience simply because they don't know what to post.

I mean, we can't be sharing photos of selfies and our food on our business account. Or can we?

Lucky for you, here are 10 types of visual content you can create that will grab your customers' attention.

These ideas also allow you to put the focus on your business – the products and services you offer and how they help people – so your visual content does more than just looks good – it converts!

Source: Canva

Next, here are 92 visual content ideas that are perfect for a small business to work through and improve its visual presence.

At the very least, use one idea per week. It would take your business up several notches after just 3 months, I promise!

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