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How To Identify And Dominate Your Niche

Have you ever wondered why certain people always get media coverage? It’s no coincidence that these people also attract plenty of opportunities and earn more money than others in their niche.

Is it good luck, good looks or that they are smarter and harder working?


It all boils down to your personal brand. A strong personal brand can be the difference-maker to landing the offer.

In my recent interview with Huimin Toh Hurry during Thriving Mums in Business Summit, I shared the COCOC system I created that helped me make a name for myself out there and become an authority in my niche.

Watch on to learn how you can identify and dominate your niche, too.

Here's a snapshot of what we have covered in our chat:

  • Why niching down is a strategic business decision for new mompreneurs
  • How you can define your personal brand and use it to dominate your niche
  • How you can deal with imposter syndrome and overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Why self-care is important for mompreneurs

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