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February 2021 Michelle Hon International Income Report

Hey there! When I first started my blog, The Chill Mom in 2013, I’ve seen others shared their income report and thought to myself that one day, l would share my own income report too.

So here goes, my company’s revenue in February:

  • Book sales: $335
  • Brand Deals: $11300
  • Guest posts: $292
  • Affiliate income: $256
  • Momentum subscription: $950
  • Chill Mom Kitchen: $173
  • IG Growth Bootcamp - $3671
  • Ambassadorship: $7750
  • Speaking engagement: $2100
  • Commercial: $3000
  • 1:1 coaching: $5000

Total: $34827

Do note that I do have expenses like hosting, payment gateway fees, employees, etc and I pay myself a fixed salary every month.

The rest of the profits go back into the business, so we have reserves to grow the business via partnerships, investments and hiring new employees.


A few things I’d like to point out for February are:

  • We didn’t launch any signature programs this month.
  • February is generally a quieter month for brand deals.
  • Chinese New Year took almost an entire week out of a shorter month - we didn’t take on any Done-For-You projects this month
  • Appearance in commercial is a once-off and doesn’t happen all the time!
  • Speaking engagements are irregular as well but it’s something that my team are looking out for me.
  • The fee for ambassadorship is part of a progressive payment plan.


Why am I sharing my income report?

My hope is that being transparent about how I make money online, working from home while being able to spend time with my children, will inspire other moms who are thinking of doing the same. I want them to see that it really is possible.

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Do you have any questions? Comments? Do let me know if you’d like to see how our income looks like when we do have a big program launch! 

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