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If you are willing to spend just 20 minutes a day, you can be making money online in 90 days.


(Even if you do not have a product idea yet. Even if you are not tech-savvy. Even if you have zero business experience. I will teach you everything you need to know step-by-step.)

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Is this you, mama?

  • You want to make some money from home but you have no idea where to start?
  • You've been working long hours at work, you hardly get to spend time with you kids. You want a business that pays you well and give you time-flexibility.
  • You've heard of MLM/Network marketing business before, but you want to own your own brand. Have 100% control. 

How To Start A Profitable Business from Home

We are going straight to the point because time is tight...

What if there was a system that, once learned, could give you a legit income from a business that you could do from home, without getting overwhelmed?

It could radically transform your #momlife. You can dictate when you want to work or spend time with your family. You will experience more purpose, create an income and be the role model you want to be for your children.

Would you want to know the system?

Well, I have got it. I have been running my own 6-figure businesses from home for the past 8 years and I have helped many others achieve the same for the past 3 years.

When you know how to get an idea out of your head and validating it the right way, then you can have a winning business idea that guarantees to have customers.

Once you have a winning business idea that guarantees customers, then you can launch it and have it run 24/7 using automation.

When you have an automated online business that runs 24/7 that continues to generate an income for you even while you are sleeping, then you can have the time-flexibility to spend it however you want (in our case, us moms get to spend more time and focus on our kids, family and our hobbies).

The system is set up to help you start and build a profitable online business without spending too much time on it.

So are you ready to start your dream 6-figure business from home?

Now at this point, the big question is... do you need technology knowledge to start such a business?

The answer is no. I can't code to save my life. And the good news is, a lot of the tools that we will be using are idiot-proof.

We even have a step-by-step guide to help you build your website. No outsourcing needed.

How about time? Do you need a lot of time to learn the system?

All you need is 20 minutes a day to watch a video and implement what you learn immediately. You will be making progress as we move along the program.

At the end of 90 days, you will have an online business launched into the world.

Hear what some of my students say..

“I joined #MomBossgoal because I wanted a business that would work around my schedule with no restrictions. I was afraid to join at first, but I'm so glad that I bet on myself because knowing how to build and connect to my audience had really helped my business grow, right from launch.”

- Carin Pang, Founder of CP Little Kitchen

"I started my business but I had no ideas how to market it. Now, I know to how properly marketing my ampoules online. Build my brand in the the competitive skincare industry. I get to help more people achieve better skin."

- Cindy Tan, Founder of Timeless Skincare

"It definitely gives me a clearer vision of who I would like to be and also the concrete steps that I can take in order to build my own brand."

- Lydia Nah, Financial Advisor & Founder of #LydiaxMomTeam

“Michelle is the mentor that we all wish we have — supportive, inspiring and driven. Through #MomBossGoal, I was able to realise what and how I could setup my business. The course is easy to follow and very informative. I love how it is especially formulated for busy moms like me! Thank you, Michelle and Momboss Academy!”

- Jaymie Lacsamana, Founder of My Mum Diaries

“#MomBossGoal helped me discover my calling.  As a mumtrepreneur, time is a limited resource. With the course modules and resources, I was able to focus on what is important to move forward, and not have to spend time experimenting and trying to figure out how to get started. Instead, I could focus on building my business.”

- Sylvia Ng, Founder of OmMummy

"My online antenatal course was birthed after I joined Michelle’s #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program. Her program was structured and insightful. It’s not difficult to follow through. Most importantly, she is supportive and she is also willing to impart her knowledge outside the premises of the program."

- Esther Yap, Founder of Bump Birth & Beyond

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Either you want to start a business or you have just started your business..

The problem is you do not know what is your next step, where should you go, and how to go about doing it.


So first off, when you join #MomBossGoal, you get access to my system. I have broken up this training into 5 individual modules.

We will find a winning product idea with simple research techniques so we can start strong.

We will grow an audience, and turn them into customers for life, consistently earning 5 figures per month.

We will build an automated sales system that works for you even when you are sleeping.


Once you enroll

In #MomBossGoal, you’ll get instant access to the entire program. Your training includes videos, workbooks, walk-through tutorials, charts, PDF downloads, study guides and more.

Go At Your Own Pace

Your entire program is online and can be completed on your own schedule. so you can work at your own pace & revisit lessons any time. You have access to the training videos for a lifetime.


You also get 3 monthly live group coaching calls with me to help you build that dream business of yours.

  • You will learn how to generate lots of ideas based on your strengths and interests
  • You will know how to price, package and position your offer
  • You will discover the easy way to create content and attract more traffic to your website via social media.
  • What are the key ways to run an online business part time while earning a full-time income

I will show you how to do all of that in #MomBossGoal.

The bottom line is that we are going to cover a lot of ground over the next 90 days, and you are going to come out the other end with a profitable business which you can run from home.

Remember, if you want a profitable business from home, then you have to build it systematically. Think about how your life will be different when you have a business which you can run from home.

This is a limited timed offer

#MomBossGoal is only open for a few days and then we close down registration and start the class.

If you want to get in, then you need to act quickly… because the registration window is never open long.

No followers? No problem!

When you register and pay in full, you will also get access to my upcoming Instagram Growth & Monetisation Bootcamp. 

Worth $297. Free for you.


#MomBossGoal is a system that can be applied very successfully over and over whenever you have a new business idea or product that you want to launch into the world.

If you are ready to earn a 6-figure income from home and gain back some of your time, then your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for #MomBossGoal.

Now is your time. It is time to step up.

There has never a better time… but you have to act now... registration is closing soon. Now is the time to act.

Enroll in #MomBossGoal and say yes to becoming the successful momboss you have always dreamed of becoming.

Click the button below and join us now.

This is your time, and I'd love to be a part of your business journey.

You have a big decision to make. I can’t make it for you… the only thing I can do is tell you that the #MomBossGoal works. It has worked for me and it has worked for many of my students.


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More Students Testimonial...

"MomBoss Academy gave me the confidence to grow my business with clarity. I learned everything from getting a better deal from my supplier to increasing sales, by doing less." – Vivien Wee, MomBoss of Bag For Fun


Meet Jenny, momboss of Lacey Bloom

"I signed up for Michelle’s program because my sales weren’t consistent and I was stuck at not knowing what else I could do to market my business. Michelle gave me detailed, step-by-step actions to take to grow my business – all while providing a ton of ongoing support and encouragement. Within a couple of months, my income doubled and I am getting more orders than ever. I am forever grateful for this program."

If you are wondering who I am...

Hello, I am Michelle.

I started a blog and turned it into half a million dollar income. And it has spawned into multiple businesses, which I run from home.

It all started when my daughter, Lauren was born, I gave up my career so I would not miss out on her childhood. Yet, I felt unfulfilled being a stay-at-home mom and I did not want to be 100% financially-dependant on my husband. Not having my own income made me insecure.

I did not know whether I have what it takes. I did not know so many things when I first started.

The shift happened when I decided that I play full at this game of life. We only have one life, I am not holding back. I want to be a role model to my children.

Since then, I have also published a book, became a speaker and worked with with the biggest brands in the world.

I founded MomBoss Academy, dedicated to help moms turn their dreams into a profitable reality, using the exact system of how I grew multiple 6-figure businesses from home.

Running my own businesses from home gives me the freedom to work around my kids' schedule and be a hands-on mom that I always wanted to be. I truly believe ALL women have untapped abilities that we can use to build a life we love.

Let us get to work.

"Michelle is the supermom behind lifestyle blog The Chill Mom and founder of MomBoss Academy, where she teaches women how to ace motherhood while growing their businesses."

- Channel News Asia


Frequently Asked Questions

This is the ONLY business program tailored for moms that covers the entire process of starting and growing your business.

#MomBossGoal shows you everything: how to find your business idea, how to find paying customers, how to build an irresistible offer, how to grow your income, and how to systematise everything so you can start living your best mom life.

This is the ONLY program that lets you decide what kind of business you want to build.

I will show you how to build an automated, passive business earning 4 figures a month … or a full-time 6-figure consultancy … or a super-flexible home business that adds a few hundred dollars to your household budget per month.

You decide which is right for you. And since you get lifetime access to everything in #MomBossGoal, you don't have to decide now. You can change your mind tomorrow, next week, next year. Or you will use the same system to build multiple businesses.

#MomBossGoal is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a magic bullet without putting in the challenging work of idea generation, validation, customer research, marketing, pricing, packaging, and positioning.
  • You are looking for get-rich-quick schemes.
  • You already have a business or business idea, which is struggling, and you aren’t willing to change your idea.
  • If you resist new advice, I can't help you.
  • You are looking to build an app or SASS business, which requires millions of dollars of fundraising.

#MomBossGoal is right for you if...

  • You are ready to invest in yourself to build a successful online business
  • You are committed to spending at least 5-10 hours per month to build a successful online business, and you know this will not happen overnight.
  • You are looking for a SYSTEM, not random tactics
  • You are emotionally stable enough to weather the “ups and downs” of starting an online business.

Your 90-day plan provides the crucial elements vital to your success. It gives you:

  • Lifetime access to #MomBossGoal System Training where you will gain the knowledge and skills that you need to become a business-savvy online entrepreneur while juggling motherhood

  • Access to #MBA Vault where you will get more training videos, tools, templates and downloads that you need to run your business

  • On-going guidance and coaching to get you moving and heading in the right direction, and help you avoid any potential pitfall, reach your goals faster and succeed quicker than when you are doing it alone

  • Access to a supportive community where you can build real, lasting connections

As soon as you sign up! There is 1 Launchpad + 5 Training Modules in #MomBossGoal. You gain access to all the trainings immediately upon joining.

All in all, you get 9 group coaching calls monthly for 3 months (including bonuses), for you to jump on and ask questions anytime!

You get access to the program as soon as you sign up. You have 30 days to experience whether the modules, trainings and coaching program are useful to you.

If you have watched all the training videos, attended coaching sessions and completed the coursework, but you don't feel that I have delivered the value, send me an email at [email protected] and I will issue a full refund to you.

I am taking a bet on you here. The risk is on me. I know the program works because I have seen results in my students.

The #MomBossGoal System Training has a total of 6 modules (with over 30 short videos), which you can access via your PC or watch on the go on your phone.

On top of that, you will also get a monthly group coaching where I will trouble-shoot with you and answer your most pressing business questions.

All your trainings and coaching will be done online. Upon signing up, you will get immediate personal access to a private and secured member zone where you can find all the materials, videos, tools, templates and downloads to get your business started.

If you plan to work through the live program in real time, I recommend between 4 to 6 hours per month to watch the training, complete your growth assignments and — if you would like — engage with Michelle and the community.

Many of our mombosses go through the program as best they can; pausing and returning to it as their schedule allows.

If you are not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. You get lifetime access to the training and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule. The program is designed by a mom, for moms. This experience is designed to stretch you, but it can also be customised to your life.

The more focus and dedication you put into #MomBossGoal, the more you will get out of it. Other factors that affect how much time you will need to complete the program include:

  • Your overall clarity and how quickly you make decisions

  • How much momentum you have in your business

  • Your comfort level with basic technology

  • Whether you participate in the comments and conversations in the #MomBossGoal Community (recommended, but optional)

  • Whether you choose to complete every piece of coursework

To be clear, there are no fast or guaranteed results. Building a business that matters is a one year linear event. This program mirrors the reality of home business ownership — it can be intense and time consuming but it is flexible and it is something you will work on for the life of your business.

Yes and no. The strategies that I will be training you are applicable for every type of home business, be it a product, service or an online course. It would also work for freelancers and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) agents. 

However, if you are looking to start a unicorn, raise millions of dollars, grow to 50 employees within the first year, I will be honest with you, this is not the right program for you.

#MomBossGoal is most suitable for stay-at-home moms or working moms wanting to start and grow a lifestyle business from home, so they can have the best of both worlds – being present during their children's milestones and having a purposeful income they can be proud of.

I totally understand the concerns your husband / partner / significant other may have. I want you to feel completely supported and encouraged by the people who matter most. So let's talk through these common concerns:

“It’s too expensive.”

#MomBossGoal Mentorship Program is definitely an investment, but I want to reach my full potential and be as happy and fulfilled as I know I can be when I have a business that I can call my own.

I don't know how to do it on my own and if I try and make mistakes, it will cost us a lot more in the long run. Compared to other mentorship programs, this is one of the most reasonably priced in the industry.

Others program with this level of training and connection cost anywhere from $16,000 - $50,000 or more. Last but not least, I really believe in myself and I’m committed to succeed — for myself and for our family. In order to do that, I can’t operate in isolation. I need to connect with others to share ideas, find inspiration, and build relationships. This is really important for me. Can you get behind this?

“Is this program really going to deliver everything they are promising?”

I am familiar enough with Michelle Hon’s reputation to know she is one of the most ethical and honest leaders in the industry. She has been in business for over a decade and been featured on Channel News Asia, Asian Entrepreneur, Asian Money Guide and more. You can see for yourself online. Not to mention, I get so much value every week from her free podcast / blogposts / videos / IG Lives — I can only imagine what I will walk away with after a full training program.

I have absolutely no hesitation about the quality, plus there is a 90 days money-back guarantee, so if you are onboard, I would like to go ahead and sign up.

“You have already invested in other programs and training events. It feels like there is always something new on the horizon. When will you be ‘done’ with all this stuff?”

Every business and personal development investment is a calculated risk, and I feel that majority of my investments have paid off. Even the ones that didn’t, were still useful, for the vital lessons they delivered about what not to do. I don’t think I will ever be “done” evolving, learning and reaching for new goals.

I’m a lifelong learner by nature and I completely understand if this kind of thing is not your style. I love you just as you are. So let’s talk about what needs to happen in order for this to be a win for us both, okay?

“Who is this Michelle Hon, anyway?”

I am glad you asked because she is a major role model and mentor of mine. You can check out her videos online if you want to see her in action.

Michelle is a mom from Singapore who has built multiple 6-figure businesses from a blog she started when her first born was just 6 months old. She is an author and parenting speaker, and she wants to help moms have the best of both worlds – being there for our children and having a purposeful source of income.

Her mom passed away when she was 13, so this is a tribute to her mom who didn't get to realise her dreams. But, probably the thing I appreciate most about Michelle is that she is real and completely down to earth. Check her out for yourself.

“But... will this take your time away from the kids?”

Definitely not. This program is specially designed for moms, just like myself. So, the schedule and duration of the course, videos and assessments are planned to match our schedule.

I'm doing this for myself and our kids. I want them to have a strong, capable and fulfilled mom in their lives.

More questions? If there are concerns or questions I didn’t cover here, please write to [email protected] I would be happy to address any partner’s concerns and give you our best, most honest answer about whether or not #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program is right for you.


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