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From Homebaker to Patisserie Owner with Jane Tan | Ep. 32

Season #1 Episode #32

“What made you want to start this business?”

This is a question I ask everyone, from successful entrepreneurs to my students in MomBoss Academy. It really is one of the most important question which you should ask yourself and answer honestly.

Is it for yourself, your family, do you have something to prove or you really do care for the industry you’re in?

Whatever your answer may be, it doesn’t matter to everyone else, but to yourself.

Jane Tan from RÓA Midnight, a well-known artisanal patisserie in Singapore for one, has a strong reason of why she is in business.

Hear how Jane courageously left her job in the banking sector and moved to Australia to pursue a Diploma in Patisserie at the Le Cordon Bleu – all because of her passion in pastry and dessert making.

Listen on to find out what made Jane changed her plans and priorities and how she successfully grew her business despite of having only one cake on her menu when she started out.

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