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#46 Five Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes You Could Be Making With Jason Gan

Season #1

Do you run any Facebook ads?

If you do, and like most people, you’re probably wondering if you’re paying too much per view/lead and how you could optimise your ad to reach the maximum number of people with the least budget.

And if you don’t, you’re missing out on a huge size of your market.

Facebook advertising can be very effective. Otherwise, why else do big businesses spend so much on it year after year?

However, one little mistake can make or break your campaign. Because the platform is so robust, it can be quite confusing to navigate!

That’s why on this week of The Chill Mom Boss Show, I get Jason Gan to share his 11-year experiences of helping businesses manage their ad campaigns.

A certified Facebook advertising strategist, Jason delves into the often-overlooked Facebook ad mistakes and explains clearly what steps you should take to avoid falling into these traps.

Find out:

  • What those 5 mistakes are
  • How to objectively analyse your ads
  • How to minimise budget waste
  • Most people kill a campaign prematurely and what to look out for instead

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