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#59: How To Get More Referrals From Your Customers

Season #1

What if getting new customers is easy?

The difference between “just getting by” and positively thriving comes down to one thing . . .

Referrals. 📈

Every business wants their customers to introduce new customers, but some businesses are better at getting referrals than others.

In this podcast episode, Michelle Hon explains the common mistakes and actions that almost any business can do to encourage more referrals from their existing customers.

It’s not complicated, and there’s no need to put big programmes in place or offer big referral fees, just a few simple changes to what you’re already doing will make a big difference.

Listen in.


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8 years ago, Michelle Hon started a blog from home and turned it into a more than half a million dollar revenue business.

Today, she's an author, speaker, business coach, investor and she's leading 4 businesses, from F&B, publishing, digital marketing to education. Michelle’s blog has generated more than 3 million views, and hundreds of students have completed her business growth online courses and videos. Her story has been featured on Channel News Asia, Lifetime Asia, The Asian Money, Parenting World and more. In 2019, Zine named her one of the Top 10 Mom Influencers in the World.

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