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"I grew my business 10X last year because of Michelle. I was exhausted working long hours in my service-based business. Michelle helped me revamped my business model and I made US$30,586.00 within a month!"

Kristy Ying

Website designer & founder of Design Hack Me

"I’m so glad to have taken up Momboss Academy courses and masterclasses! From an unknown brand, we got featured on Channel News Asia Lifestyle, and having a compelling story to tell on CNA938 and MoneyFM certainly helped our sales increase by 51%! We won the award for the Best Sunglasses Brand In Asia by Luxe Magazine!e and has expanded to 6 outlets since joining In-Demand."

Grace Ng
Founder of Lenicc Eyewear


"4 months in IN-DEMAND and I have customers reaching out to buy from me! After applying what I learnt, I exceeded my own target by earning my company’s Top Recruiter Award five times, in consecutive successions. I feel I am definitely a stronger team manager for my team, and for the sake of everyone who has trusted me by joining my team, I ought to keep learning from the best."

Kay Ho
Team Manager at Thermomix Singapore

“Been juggling with 3 young kids and my timing has been crazy. I am committed to making progress in my business though, even if it’s baby steps. So, I made it a point to go through all the resources in the Vault during the little pockets of time that I have.

What I can say is that Michelle has been nothing but motivating and absolutely uplifting. I like how she is non-judgemental, constantly encouraging and believing in our business and what we are capable of. She doesn’t hold back and shares her knowledge openly. 

I’ve learnt so much even by just listening to the recorded Momentum Coaching calls.

My gift boxes are now selling out every time I launch! So glad I signed up and joined other like-minded mom bosses. It is inspiring to see how we all have grown in our businesses.”

Shiella Ahmad
Creator of My Gift Maker

“When I was working on my channel, I would start work at 10PM after the child goes to bed and work until 3AM every day. It was really tiring, and I didn’t have a strong support system back then.

Then I got to know about MomBoss Academy through Michelle. It is a great academy supporting mompreneurs and so, I decided that this is what I needed and signed up for Momentum Coaching. The coaching sessions are very helpful.

After one year with Michelle's support and guidance, I have now turned my passion into a business and make a (very) decent income doing things I love.”

Wendy Tong
Founder of Wen's Creative

“Michelle has the most simple steps that get results. She guided us through setting up our business online, generating leads, and launching a thriving subscription service for our home cleaning products. It's been a game-changer."

Pauline Walker
Founder of Marjorie & May


“I have never ever thought that I could be able to speak online so well. The In-Demand module on Clarity has really helped me a lot. I always knew what I have wanted to do, but I couldn't put it in such a concise manner. I went from no idea how to position myself to attracting more than 2000+ members from all around the world to join my business.

I've recently been promoted to the rank of Platinum Director!

Vanessa Joo
Network Marketer

I was in awe during our coaching sessions because no matter what problem we felt we were facing; you had a solution with a smile. That brilliance on your part is also a huge factor in how successful mombosses are going to be.”

Preetha Balagi
Former primary school teacher turned founder of Citrus Playground.

#MomBossGoal helped me discover my calling. As a mumtrepreneur, time is a limited resource. With the course modules and resources, I was able to focus on what is important to move forward, and not have to spend time experimenting and trying to figure out how to get started. Instead, I could focus on building my business.”

Sylvia Ng
Founder of OmMummy

“I started my business but I had no ideas how to market it. Now, I know to how properly market my products online. Build my brand in the the competitive skincare industry. I get to help more people achieve better skin.”

Cindy Tan
Founder of Timeless Skincare



“My business was pretty stagnant, and I wanted to grow it, but I wasn’t sure how to move forward. IN-DEMAND has helped me to gain clarity and confidence in why and what I do. The program brought me on the journey of what makes me who I am today. Seeing things coming together in the first 2 months was mind blowing.”

Emily Seck
Christian Artist & Founder of Studio Seck

“I signed up for Michelle’s program because my sales weren’t consistent and I was stuck at not knowing what else I could do to market my business. Michelle gave me detailed, step-by-step actions to take to grow my business – all while providing a ton of ongoing support and encouragement. Within a couple of months, my income doubled and I am getting more orders than ever. I am forever grateful for this program.”

Founder of Lacey Bloom


“I was frustrated with all the things that I'm supposed to do in my  business. The Oversubscribed System is easy to apply, connected all the dots and everything works cohesively. The mindset shift and transformation between before and after we started working together has been unbelievable."

Eunicia Perez
Finance Coach

“Before the session, I was overwhelmed by all the moving parts of my business, I didn't know what I should do next. After the session with Michelle, I now know exactly where the gaps are and how I can grow my business. I'm so excited for what my business could accomplish!”

Adelyn Chong
Founder of Abundance Buds

“I was overwhelmed. I never imagine that I can manage a family and a business. Through Michelle, I now have successfully launched my second business - coaching others, while managing my family without domestic help!”

Lydia Nah
Financial Advisor & Founder of Lydia Nah Coaching


"I learned how to monetise my blog and following Michelle's system, I launched my first product and it sold out within 24 hours!"

Xie Wan Yun

Blogger at Popsicle & Play

“I did not have a clear focus of my business before attending the course. However, after just 1 session with Michelle, I have a clearer vision on where I am heading to and I am definitely looking forward to the next session with her! Michelle has shown me that being a stay home mum and having your own income is absolutely possible!”

Rena Rau
Founder of Bubsmamy


“The module on how to create your first product was clear and had all the information you need to create your first product. The vault is also a goldmine of useful tools. I’ve also seen products and services from other people in the community and was impressed at how well they were able to position themselves and their value – all stuff that we learn in the program. Thank you Michelle for the guidance 😊 You’re very knowledgeable and supportive as a guide!”

Dr. Shafia Yang Razali & husband
Founder of Elder Tree Living

“I joined #MomBossGoal because I wanted a business that would work around my schedule with no restrictions. I was afraid to join at first, but I'm so glad that I bet on myself because knowing how to build and connect to my audience had really helped my business grow, right from launch.”

Carin Pang
Founder of CP Little Kitchen

“#MomBossGoal turned my dream of a parenting program into reality! Michelle's program made it easy to understand the steps of setting up a business, especially for busy moms like me. It's clear, informative, and totally manageable. Now, I'm proud to offer my program to other moms! Thank you, Michelle and Momboss Academy!

Jaymie Lacsamana
Founder of My Mum Diaries

“Through In-Demand, I learned how to package my program, gained more clarity, and have more confidence to present my pitch in person.  

Thanks to Michelle for crafting a captivating brand story that encapsulates what SupaMindo is in a way that's captivating. Because of it, I immediately scored a partnership with Stabilo, the established colour pencil brand.

Joseph Lim
Founder of SupaMindo 

“I have created my first educational product for preschoolers. Michelle has taught me effective ways to introduce myself and stand out in a crowd to maximise buy-ins. As a full-time homeschool/tutor mum of 4 kids, I have a limited network and limited time, so learning from her really helps to set me in the right direction and stop me from running in circles. I just love Michelle for her willingness to share the tricks of her trade.”

Melissa Tan
Homeschooling mom of mychirpylife.com

One of the best decisions I made this year was signing up for In-Demand Accelerator. It helps me to re-look into marketing techniques for Yuan Zhong Siu and I've got to say that our system now is a lot more streamlined and effective than before.”

Jacelyn Phang
Marketing Director at Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui

"I get many more consistent leads now - from emails to getting referrals - all great strategies from Michelle."

Susie Miles
Susie Miles Designs

“After In-Demand, I've gained a lot of confidence and clarity in my business. It's all about taking one step after another, and it's all there in the program."

Han Li Ann
Founder of Marjorie & May

“As my business partner and I are both full time working mums, we didn't have clear purpose and specific timeline for our launch but what I’ve learnt from the program has been put into implementation. @busymumhacks was inspired by what you’ve taught and shared in the program. I’ve also learnt to monetise my Instagram.

Currently, I have completed a few paid projects, I have two clients that wish to collaborate again on a paid basis, and recently signed a 4 months paid campaign. Thanks Michelle!”

Andrea Fenton
Brand Manager & KOL @thebokeeffect


“Before IN-DEMAND, I used to sell essential oil at pop-up markets. I was just another reseller. With Michelle’s guidance, I now have a complete new business that stands out. Last time, no one would sign up for my baby massage course despite pricing it at $100. Now, I have consistent new clients and I charge $356 per session!I am seeing massive clarity and results now.”

Claryn Neo
Motherhood Coach & Young Living

“I vividly recall my initial meeting with Michelle when she advised me not to enrol in one of her programmes back then, simply because I was not ready for business building at that stage. Her professionalism and integrity struck me and earned my respect.

A few months later, I found out the #MomBossGoal intake was open and signed up immediately!

I am so grateful for Michelle's incisive insights shared in a no-frills manner to move us ahead during our coaching. It has been a fun and rewarding journey transforming from an employee mindset to maximising our potential and creating value in our business.”

Dawn Foo
Lecturer turned Founder of Life Skills for Hope

My online antenatal education business was birthed after I joined Michelle’s #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program. Her program was structured and insightful. It’s not difficult to follow through. Most importantly, she is supportive and she is also willing to impart her knowledge outside the premises of the program.”

Esther Yap
Financial advisor turned Founder of Bump Birth & Beyond

“MomBoss Academy gave me the confidence to grow my business with clarity. I learned everything from getting a better deal from my supplier to increasing sales, by doing less.”

Vivien Wee
Founder of Bag For Fun

So many golden nuggets from #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program!! Thanks for your work, Michelle!”

Yvonne Tee
Author & Founder of Bilingual Kiddos

The OFFER Framework inside In-Demand was not what I expected, but it blew my mind! I now know how to clearly communicate how different my products is and to have it in a framework, I could see it clearly for myself too. The clarity itself is priceless.

I finally hit my SGD$10,0000 months consistently."

Founder of Bespoke Bread

“I enrolled In-Demand because I am desperate. I don’t want to be just another average advisor and go through the trial and error process to find a way to stand out or be successful. I know time is short for me and I need to learn from an expert.

I have been searching for a mentor in the social media space, and I resonate with Michelle because she is a mother of 3 like me. I decided to enroll and learn from her on how to position myself and stand out from the rest of the financial planners. I wasn’t confident to be honest and it is a morale boost to know someone is behind my back and supporting me in my journey even though we are not in the same industry.

I have been watching the past group coaching videos in In-Demand and I can tell Michelle give her best, like giving out the contacts to help us in our business. I also feel a connection with Michelle - maybe because I like her style. She is very genuine, doesn’t beat around the bush or sugar-coat her words, she can tell you exactly what is not working and how to improve. Love working with her and I hope one day, I can achieve a milestone and share my success stories with her and the community.”

Chloe Tan
Financial Advisor

“I've been with the Momentum Coaching Community for 5 years now. During the time, I've grown from a 1-woman facialist to distributing my own fomulated products across Malaysia & Singapore to now having my own beauty school to help other women get into the beauty business! Having Michelle as a mentor and a group of likeminded ladies make running a business less stressful and lonely.”

Diana Lai
Founder of Bunny Lashes

“I used to pitch my story the way I was taught by my mentors in Herbalife, until I learned the social pitch in IN-DEMAND - which is way more helpful and powerful. I now know how to deliver a pitch that engages my target audience. After IN-DEMAND, my business is way more organised, efficient and productive.”

Hsien Hui
Health Coach & Team Director at Herbalife

“The free 3-day Discover Your Calling Challenge was an eye-opener. It made me realised that a business is also about sharing your gift and purpose with our target audience. That got me thinking and joined #MomBossGoal. Module 1 on discover your own wonder helped to affirm my belief that this is the right direction to go to. I heed Michelle's advice to start off with looking for students instead of spending money on setting up my website, and within 1 month, I found 2 students.”

Winnie Lee
Founder of The Language Tribe

The Fashion Start Up program has been such a valuable experience for me. Despite having started on a fashion brand myself, the information shared by both Anseina (Ans.Ein) and Michelle (MomBoss Academy) has been truly insightful and will definitely help me grow my brand further.

Comprising of well-structured virtual lessons followed by debrief sessions, we got to learn about the inner workings of a fashion designer from inspiration to execution, the operational aspects of a fashion brand, as well as how to carry your products through to the sales stage via a well thought-out marketing strategy. Guest instructor Vina (Blome Design Co) also helped us deep dive further into the thought process around creating a brand that translates to your target audience.

I especially appreciate how frank and generous everyone has been in sharing their experiences and lessons learnt - a wonderful example of women supporting each other! I'm looking forward to applying my learnings from the program and seeing the exciting possibilities that await.”

Stephanie Pandji
Founder of Alika Day 

Now that I’ve joined Fashion Start Up, I am clear and truly know WHAT I want to do, WHY and HOW to go about achieving it. It’s no longer just a dream.”

ZiYee Yeoh 

"Michelle really helped me understand the scope and gave me a better understanding on how to better explain my business. Up until yesterday I didn't quite understand the concept of personal branding and tying that to the business!"

Ivanna Salehuddin
Co-founder of Samoedra Pty Ltd & INEX Innovate

“Thank you, Michelle. My business wouldn't be thriving without your mentorship!"

Rosy Lim
Founder of Charelle Beauty

"I'm getting many referrals and one-on-one clients now. I'm diversifying by building a group program! Thank you.”

Yen Lim Piper
Holistic Wellness Coach 

“Joining In-Demand was a game-changer! Michelle helped me gain crystal-clear vision for my business. With that, I could streamline my marketing strategy, and now I'm seeing a significant increase in leads and make a bigger impact on the people I attract!"

Chloe Soo
Fat Loss Coach


Since Michelle helped me develop a clear overall strategy for my branding and positioning, my brand awareness has skyrocketed – I'm getting inquiries from new prospects all the time!"

Eunice Tan
Founder of Euniqyou

"I finally found my calling and kickstarted my dream business. My life has completely changed since joining the program."

Ramar Viola Ng
The Little Fire Witch


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