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Is this you?

  • Are you struggling to grow your Instagram? 
  • You've been working hard to get more followers, but your followers are growing too slow.
  • Maybe you have thousands of followers, but your growth has stopped. Worse yet, you're LOSING followers.
  • Are you on the brink of giving up on Instagram?

Instagram is getting more competitive than ever, and I want to give you the fundamentals to help you succeed.

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Whether you want to get more customers or become an influencer,

Instagram is the best platform to be on today. 

Grow Your Instagram Following & Engagement

Join me @thechillmom and learn how to grow every aspect of your brand and monetise with Instagram!

You'll leave with the knowledge on how to gain more followers, increase your engagement, attract brand deals, sales and much more!



Here's what you get

Instagram Page MakeOver

The ultimate guide for how to optimise your profile and start attracting the followers you want!

What to Post

What you should be posting on Instagram to grow your following!


Grow with Hashtags

How to standout in your industry and reach new followers with a targeted hashtag strategy!        

Increase Engagement & Master the Algorithm

Tired of getting little likes and no comments? We’ll help you boost your engagement and get your followers to care about what you share!

Consistently Attract Customers & Opportunities

Take your brand to the next level and become more valuable, visible and connected in your industry.


Implement what you learn a day at a time or go through the five intensive videos all at one go!  Watch at your convenience.

An In-Depth Look into What We Will Cover


The ultimate guide for how to optimise your profile and start attracting the followers you want!

  • The No. #1 mistake you are making now with your account setting which is preventing you from growing on Instagram. (Hint: It's simple to change with 3 clicks)
    • What should be the username to become highly searchable in front of your target audience?
    • What are the 5 elements of an engaging profile picture that will make your audience want to follow you?
    • Plus, what are the examples of poor profile pictures that repel your audience away and cost you followers?
    • Your name should be in the place of name, right? Wrong.
      • (You will learn in Day 1 what to do instead to come in front of your target audience who are desperately searching for your products/services)
    • What are the 3 ingredients of your bio that builds trust, authority, and converts? (This is the most overlooked part on Instagram, but it is critically important)
  • Find out 1 growth hack tip that can instantly explode your likes and followers on Instagram (Hint: You don't need to create your post)



A complete blueprint on what to post and when to post to accelerate your growth on Instagram!

  • 5 ways to get discovered in front of your NEW target audience on Instagram
  • What is the most crucial factor to get discovered on EXPLORE page? (It is not likes, comments and shares)
  • What are the types of feed posts, and which one is most effective in 2022?
  • Why do aesthetics not matter in 2022?
  • Personal page or Business page: Which one is better for you?
  • What is the reason that makes people share your post with examples? (Once you implement this, your account will start experiencing the surge of following instantly)
  • 8-step checklist to litmus test before you share someone's post on your feed
  • Why does likes not matter in 2022?
  • How to precisely track and measure your growth by watching your insights?
  • How many posts are too many posts?
  • A simple yet effective strategy to understand when is the right time to post for maximum engagement (It is not what you think)
  • How to write a captivating caption that arrests your reader's attention and forces them to read every word?
  • 12 different examples of call-to action (CTA) that will boost your engagement



How to stand out in your industry and reach new followers with a targeted hashtag strategy!   

  • Why are hashtags mandatory to accelerate your growth on Instagram? (You will be awestruck by looking at the research)
  •  How many hashtags per post should be perfect?
  •  Should you post your post hashtags in your comment or post?
  •  A simple yet effective strategy on what hashtags you should use and where you find them with examples



Tired of getting little likes and no comments? We will help you boost your engagement and get your followers to care about what you share!

  • Discover the secrets behind the Instagram Algorithm and what it does to keep people's attention glued to the screen (Once you understand the secrets, you can use them for your advantage)
  • What counts as an engagement, and how does it matter in the potential reach of your audience
  • Discover the 8 ways to boost the engagement of your feed post
  • How to use the Instagram story that builds KLT (Know, Like, and Trust ) in your audience so that they want to buy from you?
  • How to share links even if you don't have 10K followers? (It is not about sharing IGTV video)
  • 7-step checklist to maximise the feed engagement
  • What are the elements of the post that will stop the scroll and keep them reading?
  • A simple trick to save you tons of time on direct message (DM) and you do not need to type the same message over and over again
  • 17 Reels content ideas to ignite the inspiration and never run out of ideas again
  • No Reels in your country yet? Learn what you can do instead
  • 8 content ideas to crush it in your next Instagram Live
  • What mistakes to avoid before going Live on Instagram?
  • How to repurpose the Live video for maximum views and engagement?
  • How do you plan and schedule your content ahead and never stress out again?



Take your brand to the next level and become more valuable, visible, and connected in your industry!

  • How do you sell on Instagram? (Hint: You don't)
  • My 10-step killer strategy to sell through the carousel post. (It is dangerously effective, use it for a good cause)
  • How to attract brand collaboration and negotiate the price that you want?
  • What do those people who are always IN DEMAND know that you don't? 
  • How I raised my price from charging $80 per blog post to $1,600 and what happened in between?
  • What is the fastest way to a breakthrough in your business? (It is not about learning how to sell)
  • What are the 5 assets you need to be always IN DEMAND? (Once you build this, you will never have to worry about money in your lifetime)
  • What is the mindset block that is holding you from your dream life, and how to overcome them?

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Hi there! I'm Michelle.

8 years ago, I started a blog and turned it into more than half a million dollar income.

I credit the growth of my Instagram account to my success today.

Because of my audience and clear personal branding on Instagram, I'm able to attract brand deals (no pitching needed!) and built multiple businesses, which I run from home because I want to be there for my children's growing years.

My story has been featured on Channel News Asia, Lifetime Asia, Money Asia, Parenting World and more.

In 2018, Zine named me one of the Top 10 Mom Influencers in the world.

Let me help you grow your brand, and effectively reach more people using Instagram.


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