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#42: Boosting Productivity To Have It All With Lydia Nah

Season #1

It’s normal to feel torn between your children and your career. Managing these different aspects of your life can be stressful, and it often feels like we don’t have enough hours to do anything properly. Yet, no matter how much time you have, do you really feel like you have enough time for your relationships with both your family and your career?

Often people will tell you to pick one, as they explain that’s just how it is. They’ll say you can’t do everything, have everything. Except, in this episode of the Chill Mom Boss, listen to how Lydia Nah has managed to do exactly that.

No longer wanting to settle for “that’s just how it is”, Lydia is one of the most driven of our students at Mom Boss Academy. The founder of Lydia Nah Coaching, Lydia uses an inspirational mindset to successfully manage her two businesses along with continuing to look after her family.

Find out:

  • Why it’s necessary to shift your mindset
  • The importance of a support system
  • How to boost productivity

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