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The Path From Business Startup To Conquering Your Industry #79

Season #1

This episode is exclusively for visionary entrepreneurs like you who ready to break free from stagnation and become influential thought leaders in your industry.

We will explore the pivotal steps you need to take to evolve from a Stagnant Entrepreneur to an In-Demand Entrepreneur – the ones who magnetise their dream clients, command premium fees, and enjoy the freedom to work on their own terms.

 Listen in to find out:

  • What distinguish Influencers from the Influential: Ever wondered what sets apart an influencer from an In-Demand Entrepreneur? It's more than just the number of followers. Learn why true influence goes beyond social media attention and discover how being influential can transform your business and impact.
  • The Power of Storytelling: Uncover the #1 superpower of In-Demand Entrepreneurs – storytelling. Hear how raw and unfiltered stories can captivate your audience, build deep connections, and establish you as an expert in your field. Discover the art of crafting compelling narratives and learn how sharing your struggles can lead to genuine connection and trust.
  • How to Elevate Your Clients to Superhero Status: Your clients are superheroes in their own right, but they may not fully realise it. Find out how elevating their stories and showcasing their success can boost your credibility and attract even more dream clients. Overcome fears that sabotage client loyalty and embrace the courage to stand out and be the transformative leader your industry craves.

Get ready to take your business to new heights, make a lasting impact, and embrace the power of your influence.

Show notes:

10x Your Business: https://www.momboss.academy/salesmachine

How In-Demand Are You Quiz: https://www.momboss.academy/indemand-quiz

Book In-Demand Diagnosis Call: https://tidycal.com/michhon/in-demand-diagnosis-call

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