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The Chill MomBoss - Build a Profitable Business from Home while Raising Kids

The Chill MomBoss - Build a Profitable Business from Home while Raising Kids

Hosted by: Michelle Hon

Michelle Hon aka The Chill Mom reveals how she builds multiple 6-figure businesses from home while raising 3 children. You'll get all of her online and offline business strategies including how to build a personal...


Bringing 20 Years of Offline Fashion Brand Online with Angie Wong | Ep. 28

Season #1 Episode #28

In today’s episode of MomBoss Spotlight, Angie Wong, owner of JOOP shares her tips on how she launched her fashion brand and made it popular with the ladies in Singapore. Also, find out how JOOP got into ZALORA...
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3 Unexpected Things to Finish the Year Strong | Ep. 27

Season #1 Episode #27

2020 has been challenging on many levels. However you are feeling about your 2020, it's coming to a close.    But with less than 2 months left of the year, do you want to “waste” it or do you want to make...
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The Right Mindset That You Need to Adopt Before Starting a Business | Ep. 26

Season #1 Episode #26

It is inevitable to make mistakes when starting your own business for the first time. The question is not “How can we avoid making mistakes?”, but it is “How can we learn from our mistakes?” One of #MomBossGoal...
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How to Step into Your Power and Stop the Self-Sabotage So That You Can Thrive in Your Life | Ep. 25

Season #1 Episode #25

You may or may not heard of the term 'self-sabotage' before, but women are most prone to fall into a trap of an endless cycle of self-sabotage. We often deem ourselves to be unworthy and we allow our emotions to...
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How to Turn Setbacks into Opportunities with Victoria Plekenpol | Ep. 24

Season #1 Episode #24

Network marketing – is it a scam or legitimate business opportunity? Listen in to hear how you can grow your own personal brand and business around network marketing.  Today's guest – Victoria Plekenpol is the founder...
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How To Boss Up Your Business with A Book with Tamira Luc | Ep. 23

Season #1 Episode #23

You've heard that your business would benefit from writing a book. But you're not too convinced yet. Listen in to hear how having a book for your business is doing more than just building a personal brand. ...
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How To Make A Midlife Career Change with Carol Lee | Ep. 22

Season #1 Episode #22

As we all go through different phases in life, we may find ourselves wanting to try something that we have never done before, like a career switch. Carol Lee has experience working in various industries throughout the...
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How To Consistently Create Social Media Content That Sells with Melissa Koh | Ep. 21

Season #1 Episode #21

If you’re thinking about quitting your 9-5 desk job to pursue your dream of being an influencer, this episode is for you. Today’s guest, Melissa Koh, is a full-time content creator whose Instagram account alone,...
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Business Growth: When Should You Start Advertising Online with Kevin Urrutia | Ep: 20

Season #1 Episode #20

Let’s hear it from Kevin Urrutia, founder of Voy Media. Not only that, but Kevin has also successfully built his own web development business with his friends. Subsequently, he moved to California and got inspired to...
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7 Reasons Why You Fail in Chasing Your Dreams and What You Can Do About It | Ep.19

Season #1 Episode #19

Do you find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of setting up goals and giving up? It's normal to be losing motivation over time because we can get caught up with our worries and busyness in life, but I’m here to...
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Starting a Jewellery Business Without Prior Experience with Eunice Tan | Ep.18

Season #1 Episode #18

Ever wanted to create something that would be more personal to you but don’t know how to start? Join us as our guest, Eunice Tan, talks about her journey of how she came up with the idea of personalized jewellery and...
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Carving A Successful Career After Becoming A Mom With Margie Warrell | Ep.17

Season #1 Episode #17

Over the years, Margie climbed the ladder of success, after much hard work and resilience. Today, she is a mother of 4 successful children, bestselling author, Forbes columnist, the founder of Global Courage...
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