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40 Fun And Easy Ways To Promote Your Business | Ep 15

Marketing and promoting your business can be fun, especially when done right.

Lesson #1: Stop marketing on your own.

Lesson #2: Use collaborative, cross-promotional strategies that’ll help you reach a wider audience and grow your business faster.

Listen to our latest podcast on how you can effectively grow your business quicker with a promo partner. 



1. Referral Bonus: Offer a referral bonus to any partners who send clients your way

2. Coupon Code: Create a special coupon code for your promotional partner to share so their audience gets a special deal

3. Free Gift (PDF, etc): Allow others to share a free gift from you – ebook, or other pdf freebie

4. Strategy Session: Gift a strategy session to people referred by your partners

5. Guest Blog Post: Publish a guest blog post from your partner

6. Co-Host Webinar: Co-host a promotional webinar that leads to an offer for your promo partner, and vice versa

7. Emails to Your List: Send an email to your list sharing the person’s freebie or offer

8. Social Media Sharing: Share each others posts on social media sites (tag each other, too!)

9. Joint Event: Hold a joint event – virtual, in person, get creative

10. Personal Emails/Referrals: Think who you personally know that could benefit from what your promo partner offers, and reach out personally

11. Articles: Publish an article from your promo partner

12. Bonus for Clients: Offer a gift/bonus of some sort that your promo partner can give to their own clients as a bonus

13. Co-Registration: Test out a co-registration strategy and build your mailing lists faster

14. Thank You Page Gifts: On your thank you page - feature your promotional partner’s gift

15. Collaborative Events: Create a collaborative event like a giveaway or challenge together

16. VIP Networking Party: Host a networking party together (virtual or in-person). At MomBosses United, I host a monthly online networking party for mumpreneurs - join us here.

17. Events: Speak, sponsor, attend, connect with events your promo partner is hosting

18. Podcast Interview: Interview your promo partner on your podcast

19. YouTube Live Interview: Host a YouTube live interview with your promo partner

20. FB Live Interview: Host a FB live interview with your promo partner

21. Testimonial: Record/write a testimonial for each other (after working together or experiencing what they do, of course!)

22. Review: Write a review of your partners' program/product/offer

23. Affiliate Promotions: Sign up as an affiliate for your partner and promote them

24. Membership Content: Create content together!

25. Web Summit: Host a web-summit and include your promotional partner(s)

26. Share Flyers: If you have an in-person location – share your promo partners flyers

27. Giveaway/Contest: Hold a giveaway or content with your promo partners product/services as a prize for one winner

28. Quotes: Look for opportunities in articles, blog posts, or emails to quote your promo partners (and link to them)

29. Roundups: Feature your promo partner in a “top 10” roundup blog post or article

30. Collaborative eBook/PDF: Coordinate a collaborative PDF – ebook, checklist, etc

31. Cross-Link for SEO: Look for places you can link to your promo partners website

32. Virtual Series: Design a series you can share – blog posts, podcasts, interviews, etc

33. Ask Who Else: Ask each other who else you know that shares the same ideal client and could collaborate with you

34. Email Signatures: Promote each other in your email signatures

35. Case Study: Does your promo partner use any of the strategies you teach? Create a case study to show how it works

36. Swap Business Cards: Hand out each other’s business cards at brick and mortar locations or at events

37. Comment and Share Blog Posts: Comment on and share each other’s blog posts

38. Retargeting Ad Campaigns: Retarget each other’s audiences for FB or other ads

39. Receipts: Include your promo partner’s info on a receipt (printed or virtual)

40. Introductions: Who do you know, that knows a group of your partner’s ideal clients? Make the introduction/connection!

...and there are many more ways for cross-promotions. Get creative and have fun.

Your action step for today: Think about who you reach out to, today to start promoting for each other!

Here's another idea - simply forward this article to them to get them interested. ;)

#CollaborationOverCompetition, baby!

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