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What You Can Learn About Business From Doctors #104

Is Your Doctor Using a Secret Sales Tactic? (Here's How to Use It Too)

Let's face it, we all trust our doctors. They're the experts, right? But what if there's more to that annual check-up than meets the eye?

Have you ever wondered why you're constantly encouraged to get routine check-ups, even when you feel perfectly healthy? There's a reason, and it goes beyond just preventative care.

This isn't to say doctors are out to deceive you – they have a vital role to play in our health. But there's a fascinating business strategy at work behind the scenes, and understanding it can be incredibly valuable for your own business endeavours.

The Hidden Funnel in Healthcare

The truth is, the entire healthcare system operates within a powerful marketing framework known as a "funnel." This funnel is a series of steps designed to turn casual interest (like a healthy person going for a check-up) into loyal, long-term customers (like someone needing recurring medication).

The Check-Up Funnel: More Than Meets the Eye

Think of your annual check-up as a marketing campaign. It starts with awareness. You see reminders, articles, or even hear stories from friends about the importance of regular check-ups. This piques your curiosity and creates a sense of potential risk if you don't go.

Next comes the consideration stage. You book the appointment, entering the funnel. During the visit, the doctor acts as a guide, highlighting potential issues based on your test results. This creates a sense of urgency – a desire to address any concerns.

Finally, the doctor might propose a solution, like medication or further testing. Now, this isn't always a bad thing! But understanding the funnel framework helps you become a more informed patient, asking questions and making decisions that are right for you.

What Can You Learn from the Healthcare Funnel?

Now, here's the exciting part: The principles behind the healthcare funnel can be incredibly valuable for building your own business! By understanding how to attract potential clients, nurture their interest, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers, you can create a thriving business model:

  • Offer Valuable Free Assessments: Just like a check-up, consider offering free consultations, audits, or quizzes to attract potential clients at the top of the funnel. This builds trust and establishes your expertise.
  • Focus on Nurturing Relationships: Don't be pushy – focus on providing valuable information and building relationships with potential clients during the middle of the funnel.
  • Offer Solutions They Need: When the time comes, present solutions tailored to their specific needs. This is your bottom of the funnel, where you can offer your services or products. 

So, the next time you step into a doctor's office, or any service provider for that matter, keep the funnel in mind. By understanding its power and adapting it for your business, you can cultivate long-lasting relationships with your clients and build a thriving business.

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