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Boost Sales With a Live Webinar Launch

I launched my very first online program, #MomBossGoal via a live webinar. In fact, we ran the launch even before the program was fully ready.

We acquired 1500 leads and made more than $21,000 in revenue from that very first launch.

Since then, live webinar launches have been our main strategy for filling up our courses, programs and memberships.

In today's episode, I shared:

  • Why I think live launching your products is the BEST way to boost your sales and get new leads
  • What are the benefits of a webinar launch
  • The difference between going "live" on social media and hosting a live webinar launch
  • What you should include in your content (as in your presentation!)

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This episode's transcript:

There’s no point in developing an amazing new product if you don’t have an epic launch, and marketing plan, to back it up.

We've been seeing a new trend emerges recently - more and more companies are choosing to deliver a live product launch to their target audiences. And with the pandemic and more people are now used to staying more at home and shopping online, there are more live sales event happening.

Using live presenting and broadcast experiences to launch new products is growing in popularity – and audiences are loving it!

Live launches provide immediacy, urgency and aid in heightening excitement.

After launching 2 signature programs, with one on the way, 1 membership, and helping clients with their online webinar launches to sell coaching programs, services and products, I would say that we have developed a rather tight system that is working right now. Who knows what would happened in the future, trend changes….

But for now, we are good. Really good. I can confidently say that we feel far more comfortable with our webinar launch strategy now, than we did three years ago.

Even so, we gained 1500 new leads and made more than $21,000 in our very first online launch, with a 90 minutes webinar.

Whether you’re live launching digital downloads and courses, or physical, tangible pieces, there are some need-to-knows that we want you to keep in mind before announcing things to the world.

If you can afford a physical launch - sure, go ahead.

An easy and much more cost efficient way to live launch your product is via a webinar.

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Savvy product teams and marketers have been doing launches for many many years… ….global pandemic pushing many of us into remote working, and attending an live online event becomes a norm. Plus, they’re much more interesting and engaging than a linear launch – for both the presenters and the audiences.  

The Benefits Of A Webinar Launch   

Launching a new product is all about: 

  • Communicating your product’s value. 
  • Generating excitement. 
  • Fulfilling a need. 
  • Engaging your audiences. 
  • Converting sales.  
  • Alternative to traditional one-way product/service/offer presentation.
  • Selling one to many instead of one to one
  • Time-saving
  • Shorter promotional period
  • More targeted promotional strategy
  • Lesser advertising and marketing cost
  • Two-way engagement. You get to tap into changing audience behaviours and preferences.
  • Stand out from competitors with a unique experience. 
  • Become an authority

When you bring people together for a live experience, you’re in a much better position to do all of the above.

You’ve more power to sell to them with a live launch where you can completely customise your content for your captive audiences and get immediate feedback on what you have to offer.

Webinar Launch – What To Include In Your Presentation   

The quality of the messages – and visuals – in your live webinar, presentation is key here.

When done correctly, it shares your product’s value and unique selling points. 

Plus, it’s what connects your brand, and product with your target audiences, It is sparking conversations and getting people to buy from you.

So, as well as launching your product, you need to show it in action, to build that all important context and trust. 

What better way to do this than live event? Both online and offline.

I mean - did you see Apple launch its new iPhone 12 in 2020?

This is a prime example of a live product launch – and the tech giant is famed for its live launches.

You can use a live product launch in lots of different ways, with a presentation and interactive elements to change the pace when you want to and:

  • Highlight product design, functionality, benefits.
  • Show the product in action. 
  • Demonstrate the problems it solves/need.
  • Answer questions.   
  • Generate anticipation and excitement.
  • You can also bring the product straight to your audiences, demonstrating key features in real time. This makes everything more tangible.  

This sales strategy has long been implemented by online marketers. And now, we are seeing MCG, e-commerce, IT and financial services are starting to use live webinar launch and experiences and getting great results.

This trend will undoubtedly influence the way people relate to brands and products in the future. 

A Big Opportunity For Businesses 

Live streaming is being used around the world by influencers and celebrities to provide customers with a closer look at brands and products, so it makes total sense for businesses like yourself to use it to introduce your program, courses and digital offerings.

A lot of online entrepreneurs are passionate about getting their art out into the world but aren’t sure how. An online webinar is the answer.

At MomBoss Academy, it's been our main sales channel and it has generated more than a million dollars for us since we launched our very first program in March 2020. Now, it is running like clockwork, and it takes us less than a week to put every launch together. 

So how can you boost your sales?

The short answer is — get your audience involved. Share the story behind your work, and show them what it took to create it. All via an online webinar.

Hi, I'm Michelle Hon, the founder of MomBoss Academy. 

I've discovered that building a $1,000,000 business is possible without taking investments and hustling all day long. I'm living proof that it can be done, and I want to help more moms achieve that for themselves and their families.

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