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How Amutha Saravanan Turned Her Hobby Into A Thriving Business

Are you at the crossroads of your career right now? Are you feeling stuck in your current position?

Life is full of turning points – times when you have to start over, whether by choice or circumstance.

For Amutha Saravanan, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Da Vinci Group, she felt like she was facing a mid-life crisis, so she decided to pick up pottery as a new hobby, which eventually led her to setting up the business with her husband, Saravanan Manorkorum.

Watch on to learn how Amutha turned her hobby into a thriving business.

Here's a snapshot of what we have covered in our chat:

  • How Amutha and her husband started the business while keeping their day job
  • What made both of them quit their jobs to go full time into the business
  • The strategy they used to grow their business faster
  • The challenges of expanding, building and managing a team

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