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Transform Your Habits, Transform Your Life with Monica Lopera Nassar

Making changes to a habit feels difficult and oftentimes painful.

But why is it so?

According to Monica Lopera Nassar, a habit coach for moms – over 95% of our daily actions run on autopilot, without us realising that we are doing it!

The longer that we have this habit, the more it ingrains in the way we act. That is how powerful the subconscious mind is.

Monica’s transformation journey started after experiencing postpartum depression with her second son.

Listen on to find out how she redefines motherhood by simply changing their daily habits.

What we covered in the chat:

  • Why moms should never put themselves and self-care on the back burner
  • How to identify and ditch disempowering habits
  • The power of visualisation to achieve your goals

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More about Monica Lopera Nassar:

Monica is a former food marketing executive turned habit coach for moms. As the creator of the Right From The Start method, she pairs her background in integrative nutrition and neuroscience to create holistic transformation using the power of the plate, habits and family. 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/calibrateyourwellness
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calibrateyourwellness
Free Audio Series: https://www.calibrateyourwellness.com/cyh

I hope you enjoy it.


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