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How to Generate Product Ideas that Sell

In this episode, I'm sharing a snippet from our #MomBossGoal group coaching call.

#MomBossGoal is our online training program for aspiring mompreneurs to help them get an idea from inside their head and launch it into the world. So, you can earn an income from home, have the freedom of time to spend it however you want and live a life on your own term.

In this call, I talked to Jaymie. She is a stay-at-home mom to two young boys. She had just gone through module two of our program, where we get to know our customers better and coming up with crunchy solutions to help them, which will eventually become the thing, product, or service that people would pay us for.

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Michelle: Hi, thank you for sending in all your homework. Well done. So let me know, you are at module one, right? All three for module one?

Jaymie: Yeah. And I'm starting module two.

Michelle: So, how do you find it? Is it helpful? Does it give you a bit more clarity on where you're heading?

Jaymie: Yeah. Everything is very clear, but it's just that sometimes I get those moments where I become unsure whether my idea is really feasible.

Michelle: So.. I had run through your worksheets and I see that you've also done the Assimilation Strategy. So, how many people did you talk to?

Jaymie: I talked to six people.

Michelle: Okay. And who are they?

Jaymie: Most of them are my friends. Three of them are my friends. One is my husband friend's wife. And two of them are my relatives.

Michelle: Okay. So, you are targeting parents from what age group? I would say they're pretty young, right?

Jaymie: Yeah. Around the same age as me.

Michelle: So, what age to what age? Let's define it really clearly now. Not the parents' age, the kids' age.

Jaymie: The kid's age, probably around a toddler to primary school age. 

Michelle: P1 to P3?

Jaymie: Until P3. Yeah.

Michelle: Okay. And so, the six people that you talked to are all having children aged 10 and below, right?

Jaymie: Yes.

Michelle: Okay. I just want to make sure of that because sometimes people ended up talking to the wrong people. So, you did ask the right question. I can see that the answers are quite on point and now we just need to narrow down on which direction you want to go.

I saw that you did the Idea Mapping as well. You have the pain points, then you have the different crunchy solutions that you can provide. But you only came out with one crunchy solution.

Jaymie: Yeah. I had a hard time with putting out the crunchy solution, plus I'm not sure how to phrase it.

Michelle: Ah, okay. Why don't you just tell it to me verbally instead?

Jaymie: I'm not too sure what I need to do too. Whether I need to give them the solution as in what I would do if I were in that situation or do I direct them to a service or...

Michelle: It's great that you got the fears and the pains that you can find. And you don't know how to stop them from... I don't understand the first one - "I don't know how to stop them from imitating me, but they can't stop the kids from imitating them."

Jaymie: Yeah. Cause normally like when you try to discipline the kids, they would like to imitate whatever the parents are saying - like, if the parents say that "Can you stop it?" They will just...

Michelle: "Can you stop it" Like that is it? The kids are annoying?

Jaymie: Yeah.

Michelle: So, that's just disrespectful?

Jaymie: Yeah.

Michelle: So, which one of these, I mean, each one of these is a problem and each one of these has its own solution. Agree?

Jaymie: Yes.

Michelle: So, which one do you think really, really bug them? Okay. This one - "Cannot find the balance between home and work life." Okay. I mean, everyone has that, right? But does that bug them enough to want to spend money to get the solution for that? Or is it like, you know, throwing tantrums?  I saw one that's really good where they say I don't know how to talk to my kids without yelling.

Jaymie: Yeah. Actually, I think that one is the biggest concern, which I think I can help with. Because there are people who don't have time to open up a book and read through the book. So, I was wondering whether is there anything that I can do to help them out instead of them reading through a book to find a solution.

Michelle: Yeah, exactly. Instead of reading through a book, can you just come in and just tell them what to do the next time? So that's kind of like a consultant, right? Meet you for two hours or, you know, they tell you exactly what they're facing, and you can give them the solution. Or "Next time when this happened, step one you do this. Step two, you do this, right?".

Jaymie: Yeah.

Michelle: Or you can even put it as an online program, very much like how you're learning from me and just record the videos, answering the most commonly asked questions.

I think at the end of the day, these are their questions, like the pain, "Oh, I don't know how to control my anger. How do I deal with anger when my kids do something wrong?

"I don't know what skill to teach them" is a different set of problems that is more to do with children's education, like, "What to teach them at this age."

And then solid food is also another different problem around nutrition, right?

But I think the anger, can't get my kids to stop throwing tantrums, my kids won't listen unless I yelled at them - That's more around discipline and parent not knowing how to be a parent. I think those are the "good" problems and you have identified a need right there.

Jaymie: I actually noticed that there are a lot of parents in Singapore who actually have a problem with discipline, but we're not very open with discussing this in public. So, I want to be able to provide something for parents and they would feel safe discussing their problems with regards to discipline.

Michelle: I think that you're right. I think generally Asians are more private, right? For example, my friend, she's helping with baby's sleep problem. Generally, people don't like to do group coaching because they feel like if "I attend a group coaching, it's a sign that I'm failing." Same thing with parenting.

So, you can still offer group coaching for people to join. But also offer one-on-one coaching where they can get that private time with you, without other people knowing that they're seeing you.

And again, people don't openly talk about it, which is good. That doesn't mean that market doesn't exist. You just need to emphasise that problem.

Because first of all, if they don't realise it's a problem, then they won't find a solution, right? So, instead of just keep talking about the solution, sometimes do talk about the problem. Like how it can manifest and become worse.

I see your business as an information business that is very much like mine. We're selling service, information product and it's not a physical product.

An information product is great because you just create eBooks, consultancy, training programs, group coaching, retreat, etc. You can do all of that and there are different prices for different people.

And when it comes to information product, the relationship market is actually one of the biggest markets. Most people don't know how to relate to other people, especially when we're online more and more.

Like even your generation who are becoming moms right now, they are like the millennials, right? They are behind the computer a lot and they don't really relate to other people. And even our generation, how we parent is very much determined by how we were parented. And nobody really knows how to become a good parent, especially our own parents, right?

We were being yelled at a lot - so our default is to go into yelling.

That's your market. You keep talking about the problem or use case study or newspaper article about how when the kids grow up, when they don't have a good relationship with their parents, how bad it could become. So, it would make people feel "Oh my God, I don't want my relationship with my children to deteriorate."

Especially because with parents these days, their kids are so precious, right? It's harder and harder to get pregnant. So, all the more these kids are getting so precious. Parents are so scared to scold their kids. They don't know how to discipline them, but they know that something is wrong right there.

You need to highlight the problem that "not parenting" is also a big problem. You can't just be your kids' friends. That's how most people parent right now. "I just want to be liked by my kids. I already don't have so much time with them, so I feel like I don't want them to hate me if I come home and just discipline them."

So, you really need to highlight the problem in your content and establish yourself as the expert in that.

Jaymie: Yeah. That's why I was wondering whether I should start with a blog first. Just to get my feet wet first.

Michelle: Do it concurrently. Why would you want to start a blog first and not having customers straight away? Do it concurrently. Build it at the same time.

Jaymie: Yeah. Because I've been searching the internet on parenting coaches and I see some of them have credentials, like, they have certification and I'm not sure whether do I need to?

Michelle: Why don't you tell me what sort of parenting philosophy you subscribe to? What do you believe in?

Jaymie: Currently I'm trying out positive parenting like I'm trying to control my anger first before I do the disciplining part. Because I find that if I don't control myself first, I find that I will just keep yelling and it becomes a cycle. So instead of them learning the lesson, the lesson gets lost because eventually, they get angry with me too. So, all they think about is actually their anger and not the lesson that they're supposed to be learning.

Michelle: So, you have practised it. Has it been helpful for you? Has it been useful?

Jaymie: Helpful, and useful. And I've been reading some books from last time till now. So, whatever I've been reading, I've been trying it out with my kids.

Michelle: Great. So, your next step is... If it's an online business, we have to create content and this is also the cheapest way to get lead - SEO without paying someone to do it for you. Just write really good content that you believe in, whatever that you've learned.

Let me just give you an example. When you signed up for my program, have you asked for my credentials?

Jaymie: No.

Michelle: But you signed up.

Jaymie: Because I knew that you're successful with what you're doing. As in whatever you advertise for, it speaks for whatever you are marketing.

Michelle. Exactly. And you also see testimonials from my one-on-one students and the other students that have achieved results, right? 

A lot of people feel like "before I do this, I need to get certified for this. I'm not good enough yet to teach this, I'm not good enough for this." I mean, if that gives you confidence, you can go for it. But I don't think it's that important. I don't care about how much certification this person got, unless I'm getting operated on or the person is a doctor.

But in terms of coaching - life coaching, learning anything new, I'd rather that person has results to show me. The person can tell me step-by-step of using this and you're very clear in telling me your stand on things.

You can even use it for positive parenting. There's no IP to that, right? There's no copyright, right? You can even make it your own spin.

Continue to watch the modules. I think we're talking about products in module three on how you can develop your own product, your own information product based on your own system that you have developed.

So, for now, I think you're on the right track. I like that you have done all the homework; it's giving you more clarity and you're going into parenting.

Continue to watch the videos. Narrow it down further from toddler to all the way to ten years old. I think it's still a little bit wide at this point in time. I mean, later on, once you have created your first product, you have your customer base, you can always launch another program for six to ten years old or seven to ten years. That's a different set of problems. They're no longer dealing with tantrums. Communication with kids at each level is different.

So, narrow down first. Which one are people more willing to pay now?

Personally, I think if their relationship is so bad, probably around five to seven years old. Because a lot of parents still think that toddler has communication problem. It's still early days, it's not that bad yet. So I'm not willing to spend money on that yet.

What you can do right now is to continue watching the program, of course. And then you can try. Out of the six people that you talked to, who are willing to work with you.

"Hey, are you really having this problem? Would you mind if I give you a few steps to test it out? And if you have seen results, can you write me a testimonial?" Just do it for free for two to three people.

Once you have those testimonials, put it on your social media that you're now taking customers. Start with one-on-one before you build the big program. Always test it with one-on-one clients. How much are they willing to pay? Test out with the pricing. So, start building that up first.

In the meantime, fine-tune your product and find out more about who is actually willing to pay. You might well find that the people who are actually willing to pay is just a really small set of a specific type of parent and it will help you in marketing later on.

Okay? Good? Excited?

Jaymie: Okay. Yeah.

Michelle: I think it should be module three that's on product already. So, you can watch module two and three. It will tell you exactly what you need to do. So, good job! You're on the right track.

Any more questions?

Jaymie. So far, no. Probably will go through the second module.

Michelle: Continue to talk to people. That doesn't stop. No matter at what stage of business you're in, I'm still continuing to talk to people. How can I do better and still fine-tune on who signs up? And still, get the data to tell you. The feedback on how you should continue to market your business and refine your product to help people.

Because we can just sit here and plan all we can. But, if the market doesn't give you feedback, you have nothing.

Jaymie: Okay.

Michelle: Great. Yes, start helping people with your positive parenting. Just establish yourself that way - positive parenting advocate. And you can even, later on, put in some of your Jaymie's secret sauce, you know, I do it slightly differently and I do it with a twist this way that I find that it really helps. The more you advise people, the more you try it out on yourself. And never feel like, oh, I need to be an absolute expert before I can help someone.

How old is your kid now?

Jaymie: One is seven, one is nine.

Michelle: Yeah. So, you are already seven years ahead of whoever is starting out. You don't need to be like how a lot of people think that, oh, if I need to teach something, I have to be the number one expert. You don't, you just have to be a few steps ahead of those who are like you seven years ago.

Or four years ago, who are lost with parenting their kids - "my kids are always throwing tantrums, I really don't know what to do with him and I feel like my relationship is deteriorating."


And in this second half of the call, I talked to Esther who has already launched a product of her own, which is a book set. She launched it all by herself, but she realised that it wasn't selling. She joined #MomBossGoal to understand the foundation of an online business and to grow it into the bigger vision she has for her business.

Esther: I think I didn't share it before. At the end of the day, I'm planning to release some parenting courses, specifically for new parents. Specific to temper tantrums. But, you know, I just released my books. I released my books because I tried it on my son and then I feel that is a material that I can produce.

Of course, I think I will be producing some, one or two other items again in 2021 because it's helpful for my son. 

Now, I'm torn between should I focus on my products or... To me, I think eventually when people trust you, they will buy. It's not like I have to sell out immediately within one month.

But I will take your advice to split my bundle instead of getting people to buy a whole set because I think for a start, it's really okay to do that. Anyway, if I split it, they have to pay more, right? So, it's okay for me.

I was just thinking about your opinion. I really want to start the course and I actually think about it since the last time I spoke to you when you had this call with me on, I think Facebook, right?

Michelle: Yeah.

Esther: So, it's okay for me to start a course, right?

Michelle: Yes. Go through the program. That's why I think you also asked me before this program. I say like, great, you know what you're supposed to do. You already have a product, you want to create, you want to build your own brand. And again, like Jaymie, you want to have your own information product, right?

A program is an information product, which in my opinion, is the best kind of product that you can create, really. Because you just create it once and then people just watch it whenever. It's really like a book or other products as well.

So again, go back to follow the system, watch the video, the target market, the biggest problem right now.

So, you said you're focusing on tantrum, but what is it about tantrum that your target market really wants? How can you help them? Is it really through a program or is it through maybe a toy or a product or is it through a book that they can bond? Is it through one-on-one coaching? What is it that they actually need that you can actually give them that solution?

Esther: I want to fuse it. I want to fuse them together, like, you do the course then, you know, my materials.

Michelle: Yeah. Don't worry, you are thinking ahead already. At the end of the day, once you build a brand, build yourself as this parenting, early motherhood, toddlers’ solver #1, any time you want to launch a product that you say it will help with tantrum, people will purchase it. Because once you have built that brand to do that, then it's just up to you. I think this will help; I release this product. Again, it goes back to that customer needs, then I release this product.

I think you have ideas to release all these products, but you haven't done enough research in the back end, like, to talk to people as well. In the program, it actually teaches you the exact question you can ask them.

What do they actually say? What kind of words that they actually say? Where do you go and do this research? So that you can actually use them in your copy on your sales page. It makes things a lot easier than I just quickly go and create a product, create a website.

So, what we do in MomBoss Academy is a lot of reverse engineering and really find what your target market wants. And then it makes your selling, your launch a lot easier.

So, like The Chill Mom, I could have done any vertical because I already have those followers. When I first started, it was pregnancy and motherhood. That's all I talk about - pregnancy. So, I went to the book vertical and then I went to the consultancy vertical.

I mean, I could very well if I want to go into physical products, I could create The Chill Mom products or bundle with someone. But I think my interest has shifted, so I went to the business niche. And I just want to focus on business now. So I wind down the maternity concierge.

So, for you, again, parenting. Yes, great. You're doing your podcast. Yes, great. I think you're already calling yourself a parenting expert. That's great. Be very specific if the tantrum and managing toddler is your solution, is what you teach people. Then talk about the problem more again on your podcast. Discuss that again more.

Esther: I want to ask like, in view of the kinds of courses that I want to create, am I restricted to only speak about these two subject matters or I still can talk about some other things here as well?

Michelle: Start with one. So, you start talking to your target audience now. So now, you have sort of half-built yourself up as this parenting expert, right? So now you're like, okay, I'm really going to narrow in on toddler and talk to parents of toddlers and let them tell me what they need instead of, oh, I'm going to expand on this. Let them tell you that they need a tantrum solver, then you create a program to solve their tantrum.

When the kids grow out of the tantrum and you think oh, they now need to know how to bond with their kids or how to teach their kids better or whatever it is, the progression of your followers or readers are, you can then create the program for them. But let that market research and feedback drive you on what you need to create next.

Esther: Okay. So, once I do the market research, then say, for example, they talk about a topic, then I create a free webinar?

Michelle: Not a free webinar. Think of at the end of the day, what do you want to sell first.

Esther: Okay. At the end what I want to sell. Yeah. I saw a lot of people doing like, one-hour free lesson course.

Michelle: The free lesson is really just the lead magnet. So, you don't teach them everything in that free lesson, right? In the free lesson, you teach them what they need to know.

Like you highlight the problem, what they need to know, how your program is going to help them. And then they need to join the program for you to teach them how to solve that problem. So, the free webinar comes later, actually.

So same thing. Now that you have the book, you can actually have a free webinar that drives them to purchase the book as well. Or a free IG live on one of the many recipes that you have in your book. And they think, oh, this is so fun, cooking with kids is actually so much fun. Do you have more recipes? Yes, I do have, here's my book. Give them a teaser.

Esther: What if my live session only has one person?

Michelle: You haven't done, you never know. Then you will know, okay, if you do a live stream and this is your marketing message - bonding with your kids through cooking. If really only one person shows up, then you know that there's something in your marketing message that went wrong. Tweak that.

If you never test it, you can't even tweak it, you don't even know where to begin. If two people show up, you can talk to them. What makes you show up? Maybe they say, oh, because you talked about it. Then you know okay, that is speaking to people. Isn't it?

Even if one person shows up, two people show up, three people show up, take that as your test, your market research. Maybe it's something that you did not think about at all. Maybe, in the end, it's like, oh, not for bonding because I don't know how to cook and I want to cook something for my kids.

Then, you know, oh, so actually they do not even want to cook with their kids. My target market is moms who just want to be there learning how to cook nutritional stuff for their kids.

Then you can then tweak your marketing message to like, realise that, oh, there are moms who don't know how to cook. These are some fun ideas that you can do by yourself and with your kids.

If nobody shows up, it's okay. I mean, you can always call it off. Just put it out there. If you see nobody sign up, say sorry, it's cancelled, you can't make it, let's do it another day.

Sometimes it's just maybe people can't show up, it's a wrong day. Sometimes it's just your marketing message is not right. So do all that while it's free. Test it out on your own platform.

This is why I told you last time. Before you put money into ads, test it out first. And once your free webinar is all working. Every time you put up, at least like 40 people sign up and then like 10 people show up, you know that, oh, my conversion rate is at least this much. Then you can put in the money to get more traffic. But at least you know that, oh, the marketing message is converting. This is working, it is speaking to my target audience.

Esther: Okay, thank you.

Michelle: Great. So, watch the videos. Things that you have asked are all in there. All right. Great. Thank you, everyone. Good job. I look forward to hearing more next month and you guys also have access to Momentum Coaching. So do show up there as well and you can ask questions. I just want to give you more support.


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