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How To Manifest Anything with Maii Vu

I used to be a skeptic.

Manifesting or rather sitting around thinking about the things you want and it will come true? Are you kidding me?

Perhaps you are thinking the same? Or maybe you are more advanced than old-Michelle, or more “woke” as the young people say now.

You see, for the longest time, I prided myself as a practical person. I believed that no amount of hoping and dreaming will ever replace hard work. Growing up poor, working hard was my only hope of getting better in life.

To me, life is about getting what you’re putting out. Give and you shall receive.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that. Except, there’s a ceiling to how much sweat/time you have to give.

Let’s put it this way - sometimes when we need to breakthrough, we do need a certain amount of magic.

To me, it was like, “Hey I’ve already tried the working hard route, why don’t I just be open to hearing how this “woo-woo” manifestation thing works?

It’s funny how you could be hearing the same thing many times but it’s only when you open up your heart and mind to fully listen, it has a whole new meaning.

It has changed my belief system entirely. Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle and hard work.

Life can be of ease when we change the way we think and feel.

So, to introduce the concept of manifestation to you, I talked to Maii Vu, a manifestation coach in this episode of The Chill MomBoss.



Find out:

  • How Maii manifested a luxury car
  • How to go from a scarcity mindset to seeing the world full of abundance
  • The one thing you need to reach your goal

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