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Why You Should Be Building A Community With Niney Chong

No matter how well you plan to set your dreams in motion, life happens. 

Finances. Relationships. Health.

At some point, we will all face these challenges, and letting them blindside you into a stagnant denial is one of the worse things you can do.

Are you tired of having to hit pause on your journey just to deal with these unexpected hurdles?

With a supportive community behind you, you can turn what once was an overwhelming situation into a motivational learning experience.

In this episode of the Chill Mom Boss, Niney Chong, a social impact marketing strategist, shares her expert knowledge in collaborative and strategic marketing.

From how she got started to her new initiatives helping mothers across Malaysia, learn just how profitable it can be to build your brand in a way that’s sustainable in the long run. 



Find out:

  • How to strategise to achieve your goal
  • Where to go to get the tools you need to set your life back on track

  • How to grow a loyal community

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