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3 Easy Strategies To Better Balance Business With Family

One of the biggest challenges of being a mompreneur has to be finding the balance to do it all. If you are like me, trying to be everything and everywhere for everyone can be frustrating at times. We want to be present for our kids and husband and we want to stay on top of our businesses.

However, let me tell you that it is absolutely possible. I can say this because I have been balancing my businesses, blog and book writing while raising 3 kids for more than 6 years now.

Here are 3 strategies that I stick to when I have multiple things on my plate.

1. Be Open About Your Limitations

All my clients know that I usually work from my home office and if I don’t immediately get back to them, I am most likely attending to my children’s boo-boos or needs. Letting them know I am a work-from-home mom minimises the chances that clients will get annoyed when I don’t pick up my phone. This allows me to be specific about the types of jobs and meeting appointments I will take.

You will be surprised that most clients are very reasonable. These days, nobody expects you to be accessible 24/7. Setting clear communication guidelines at the outset of your relationships with clients, suppliers and business partners can do wonders for work-life balance.

2. Create A Schedule That Works For You

It can get very exciting at the start of a new business. We have so many ideas that we want to jump into everything as soon as possible. As a mom, we wear many hats. Adding to that, you are also an entrepreneur – which means more things to add into your endless lists of to-do’s each day!

Fret not. If you know your limitations and have a systematic work schedule, things will run smoothly.

At the start, spend 2 nights per week working on your business. As you get more experienced, you will know when you are most productive. It could even be in the morning – an hour before everyone wakes up.

Once you get your rhythm, you will know the best time to sneak in some work alongside house chores. For example, while you are waiting for the laundry to be done, you can reply to emails or return calls.

As your business grows, you may need to add in more hours or more days but be careful about filling up your calendar. Always allow time for family and down time to avoid burn out.


3. Be Realistic About What You Can Accomplish

It can be hard to put all our goals and dreams into reality when we are juggling many responsibilities. Which is why we need to know that we cannot accomplish everything. Not like pre-kids anyway.

For example, I would turn down any media preview invitation if I know I will be overwhelmed with my workload and get frustrated if the project holds up my existing projects and engagements.

Knowing our limits and have realistic expectations up front is essential for keeping sane. You might go into thinking you could work on your side business every night after the kids are asleep. But it is not always feasible. There may be nights when a kid decides to delay bedtime, falls sick or you are just too exhausted by the end of a long day out.

Having a side business while you stay home with the kids can be very fulfilling and you can get the best of both worlds. You can have some side income while doing work you love and spend time with the kids. Also, do not forget that even if you have a small business, you could still choose a legal form for it and register it with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). You can receive professional company formation services in Singapore from a team of local incorporation agents.

Following the tips above will help you keep your sanity and commit to a schedule that is reasonable and meaningful for yourself and for your family.

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