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4 Ways To Help Your Kids Stay One Step Ahead

*These were extracted from my interview with Young Parents. You can read the full interview here.


1. Flexible Parenting

My parenting style is best described as flexible and versatile. I respond to my kids according to their character and their needs in any given situation. I can be a tiger mum at times, especially when it comes to disciplining our kids, but overall I’m pretty relaxed.

2. Encourage Decision Making

I like to encourage my children to make their own decisions. Knowing that I regard their opinions as valid and that I support their decisions no matter what, gives them the confidence to try their best, bounce back from failure and deal with whatever life throws at them, and come out as winners.

3. Five Rules of Parenting

My husband and I live by five rules, which are also shared in my book, The Chill Mom: How To Go From Anxious Expectant Mother To Relaxed, Confident Mom.

  1. We listen to our own instinct and act accordingly.
  2. We do not place a label on ourselves and our children.
  3. We would not compare ourselves and our kids with others.
  4. We do not try to please everyone and do right by ourselves.
  5. We try not to interfere with our kids and trust them to do the right thing.

4. Giving the Right Food

I believe that you can empower your children and help them stay One Step Ahead by giving them the right foods.

90% of the time, my kids eat home-cooked meals made from natural ingredients. I always make sure they are getting enough DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that’s essential for brain development in children. My kids get their daily DHA from omega-3-rich foods like salmon, eggs, nuts and avocado. Another thing that helps with their overall growth and development and supports their natural defences is outdoor play.

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