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Why Yvon Bock Believes You Should Ask For Help

Are you afraid of asking questions or to ask for help? Do you know that this may be one of the reasons that are holding you back from success?

Yvon Bock, Founder and Managing Director of Hegen, started off with zero knowledge in retail branding. She sought help from her friend when she had to put together her very first launch party, after spending FIVE years developing the now iconic square baby bottle with zero income.

As a young child, Yvon grew up in her dad’s factory. She was naturally curious and asked a lot of questions, and she believes this has helped to develop the inventor spirit in her, leading to the creation of Hegen.


Here’s a snapshot of what we have covered in our chat:

  • How Yvon was like as a child
  • Why asking for help makes you successful
  • What stage of motherhood was she at when she decided to start the business
  • How did Yvon decide that this is THE business to get into
  • From the feeling of resentment after the difficult birth of her fourth child to finding her purpose in life
  • Why naming the brand is like naming her fifth child
  • The five pillars of strength that keep her going
  • How she creates and manages successful working relationships in a family-business
  • How she deals with working mom guilt
  • Her advice and encouragement to MomBosses and Moms who are afraid to take the first step

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you want to succeed in something, it shouldn’t be just “me”, but “we”. And don’t forget to give back to those who have helped support your business as well as to the community in your own way.

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