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You've Got This: Carving A Successful Career After Becoming A Mom With Margie Warrell

Imagine living far away from civilization. A life much simpler, quieter and contemplative.

Would you have dared to pursue the biggest life you can imagine?

Margie Warrell had big dreams for a girl living an ordinary life, in a rural farm in Australia. But that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams with fervor.

When Margie turned 18, she left home to build a new life for herself. And she made sure to run her own best race by constantly putting herself out there.

However, life was not all smooth sailing for Margie. She was faced with many challenges along the way from overcoming bulimia to financial struggles to surviving an armed robbery to miscarriages. But she did not let fear rob her freedom to live. Instead, she persevered through those dark times and kept going.

“For me, it's been continually pushing my boundaries of what's possible and having the courage,” said Margie. 

Over the years, Margie climbed the ladder of success, after much hard work and resilience. 

Today, she is a mother of 4 successful children, bestselling author, Forbes columnist, the founder of Global Courage leadership advisory and an international leadership expert.

Watch the full interview to find out more about Margie’s brave and inspiring story. 



Summary of discussion: 

  • How Margie built a new life for herself 
  • The physical and mental struggles she overcame 
  • Advice on parenting 
  • How she achieved her dreams

More about Margie Warrell:

Margie is a Forbes columnist and international leadership expert. She is the founder of Global Courage leadership advisory and a Women’s Economic Forum honoree, ambassador for Women in Global Business and sits on the advisory boards of Forbes School of Business & Technology. She is currently undertaking her PhD in inclusive leadership; she is passionate about emboldening women as change-makers.

Margie is a bestselling author that writes about topics about courage and living the most audacious life. She has written four bestsellers and has recently released her latest book – You’ve got this. Her latest book is about building self-trust to pursue bold aspirations, rise above the biggest challenges, and thrive through uncertainty. You can find her at:

Website: https://margiewarrell.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/margiewarrell
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margiewarrell

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