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Making The Deadline: Achieving Your Goals By Year-End

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Working from home, especially with three children, can be quite stressful. This is especially true when I have to go from cleaning nappies, to making dinner, to writing a blog, working on my new MomBoss Academy program and generally tend to the basic needs of both the family and my business! While all this may sound over-whelming, the truth is that an impressive amount of work can be achieved in just a few hours. However, the key to success lies in a clear strategy and a well-established routine.

As we approach mid-year, it’s time to look back on what we have achieved so far and see what boxes are left to check before December 31st. Here are some simple tricks on how to make each day count, as we move towards achieving the goals we have set for ourselves by year end.

1. Plan your work schedule

Weather it’s writing a blog post, developing the materials for my program or attending business meetings, each task has its own deadline. Therefore, developing a detailed schedule, and breaking down each item into the specific steps required to meet even the tightest timelines is essential. Once you have prepared a clear timeline, check-in with your schedule every hour to make sure that you are on track. Don't be discouraged if your day doesn’t go as planned. Remember not to be too hard on yourself. Sometimes, things don’t go as you intended, and there is always tomorrow to get a fresh start!

2. Get your technology in line

Getting organised has become so much easier with new apps being released regularly. Personally, I find that something as simple as syncing my smartphones, laptop, tablet and PC can work wonders. Simply enter all the dates for events, important deadlines, daily reminders sync everything across all of your devices. This helps me stay on top of my schedule and ensures a clear, seamless schedule. These days, there really is no excuse to be disorganised!

3. Leverage on your most productive hours

Are you an early riser or a night owl? Personally, I am a night owl and I work on my blog articles and progam at night once the kids go to bed. I plan my meetings and events during the day while my kids are in school or taking their nap and set aside my writing activities for the night when I can give my complete attention to the task at hand. It is important to work around the times that are right for you, rather than forcing yourself to be productive at times that do not naturally fit with your rhythm.

4. Make room for the unexpected

Be mindful that unexpected incidents can have a massive impact on your business’s output. Having contracted Dengue in 2016, I can attest to the crippling impact that this disease has on both your family and your business. I was hit by dengue suddenly, and in matter of hours, I was out of commission with a high fever, body ache and even low blood pressure. I had an important business pitch the very next day, but the symptoms were so painful that I had to visit the hospital and was then forced to stay in bed for days. It’s incredible to think that a tiny mosquito can have such an impact on your life. It took me over a month to recover completely and get my energy levels back to normal.

Health is precious, especially when managing a family and a business. Paying a visit to your doctor to find out how Dengue, for example, can affect you, your family or your business, can go a long way and help prevent such unfortunate situations, allowing you to stay on top of your goals and schedule.

5. Be inspired

Finding new sources of inspiration – on a creative and motivational level – is key to staying focused on the goals we have set for ourselves. Personally, my experience with Dengue inspired me to be involved in something that would allow me to engage with the community beyond my usual business operations. I decided to become a dengue ambassador and to join the Be A Wall against Dengue SG movement (which I invite you to join too!) to help prevent anyone from having to go through this painful disease. Dengue can affect anyone at any time and can be contracted up to 4 times. Never underestimate the risk of getting dengue, so including preventative measures as part of your daily routine is crucial.

Inspiration comes in many forms and is very personal. Sometimes, just taking the time to sit and enjoy a book will help you find the energy needed to shift your focus back onto your goals.

6. Reward to fuel perseverance

Rewarding yourself after achieving a key milestone motivates you to further conquer your next target. Treat yourself by spending an afternoon at the spa or enjoy a commitment-free night out with your girlfriends. The mental and physical breaks you occasionally take to reward yourself will keep you refreshed and ready to attain your goals.

Being an entrepreneur is a challenging yet rewarding decision. Developing an annual timeline is one of the many paths to success and the above strategies are some that I follow dedicatedly to ensure that I stay on track and achieve my annual goals.

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