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From Mom’s Hobby to Leading International Retailer with Sharon Wong

If you are a mom, it is highly likely that you have shopped at Motherswork before.

However, did you know that Motherswork actually started out as a mom’s hobby, and it stands for 11 product values?

Sharon Wong, founder and CEO, creative director and most importantly, the passion behind Motherswork shares her mompreneurship journey with me in this episode of The Chill MomBoss Show. She is also an author of WoMum-Living my life as a Warrior, Women and Mum.

Hear how Sharon started Motherswork 24 years ago from scratch without any retail experience and turned it into a leading premium retailer of mother, baby and kids’ products in Singapore and China now.

What we covered in the chat:

  • How she sourced and brought the brands/products in to Singapore when she first started her business
  • How they choose the brands/products they carry based on their 11 values
  • The biggest challenge Sharon had when she started the business and what kept her going
  • Her secret recipe ‘PPVL’ for success that she did not share in her book
  • What’s her number one goal for the next 12 months

More about Motherswork:

Website: https://motherswork.com.sg/
nstagram: https://www.instagram.com/motherswork/

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