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My Journey to a 6-Figure Lifestyle Business

This episode is a little bit different. I have switched roles with Esther Yap and I am in the interviewee seat instead. Esther is a #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program student and host of the The Parent Thing podcast, and she is asking me about my origin story. 

If you are a regular listener of the podcast you may have heard bits and pieces of how I started in business and got to where I am today. But in this episode, we went back to the very beginning. 

There are a lot here that I have never shared publicly, and I hope you find value in my story that can help you in your own journey!



In the episode you will learn:

  • Am I really a chill parent as my moniker suggests?
  • How to raise independent and responsible children?
  • How I set myself apart from other mummy bloggers and secure lucrative brand deals even with a few followers on Instagram (the early days)
  • My relationship with my husband
  • My view on children’s education, hiring other moms, remote work environment
  • What you should look for in a mentor
  • The powerful mindset that has been serving me well as an entrepreneur and what I found to be most important for a women-entrepreneur to have in her business journey 


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