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From Stay-At-Home Mom to Six-Figure Mompreneur | My story #85

Hey there, MomBosses and aspiring women entrepreneurs! Today, I'm thrilled to share the rollercoaster ride that led me from the early hustle years to founding MomBoss Academy. Join me on this journey of early recognition of financial independence, the trials of a stay-at-home mom, and the unexpected turns that paved the way for a thriving business. Let's dive in!

Early Recognition of Financial Independence

From the roots of my childhood, I always harboured a deep desire for financial independence. This drive was rooted in my observations of my own mom's situation and how it influenced my perception of financial freedom.

The Early Hustle Years

Straight out of school, with no resources for a diploma or degree, I embarked on a journey that included modeling, events management, and even running a soup and salad business for two and a half years. The relentless hours and stress pushed me to rethink my priorities when I became a mom.

The Stay-at-Home Mom Period

Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom seemed like the answer, but it didn't take long for me to realise that something was missing. Craving purpose and financial independence, I turned to my laptop and started The Chill Mom Blog. Little did I know, this decision would lead to a significant pivot in my entrepreneurial journey.

Maternity Concierge - New Business Beginnings

Enter the Maternity Concierge business, a new venture that offered a unique set of services. This business laid the foundation for valuable lessons, challenges, and ultimately, the key to unlocking freedom.

Maternity Concierge - Struggles & Dengue Fever

Working tirelessly, I learned a critical lesson about delegation during a challenging period of dengue fever and pregnancy. The need to prioritise tasks that truly mattered and the realisation that not every task required my direct involvement were pivotal in transforming the business.

Maternity Concierge - Unlocking Freedom

Bedridden but determined, I discovered the power of automation and delegation. By focusing on tasks that genuinely moved the needle and creating assets that worked for me, I saw a remarkable increase in revenue despite working fewer hours. The business was thriving, and I had found a hack in running it effectively.

Roots of MomBoss Academy

Documenting my journey on the The Chill Mom blog and my instagram account led to people reaching out, asking for guidance to start and grow their own businesses. Thus, I started business coaching in person in 2018. My clientele grew rapidly and once again, I found myself selling time for money.

Thus, MomBossGoals was born, a process distilled into a repeatable system - one very first online program. This success paved the way for the MomBoss Academy, offering various programs to help mompreneurs build businesses that fit seamlessly into family life.

MomBoss Academy Programs & Momentum Membership

Today, MomBoss Academy boasts several programs designed to empower mompreneurs. While some programs come with higher investment, we also offer a budget-friendly option - the Momentum membership community. For just $7, you can explore this trial option and get a taste of the valuable resources and community support MomBoss Academy has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this sharing. Cheers to building purposeful businesses alongside our families! 🌟

What’s your journey been like? Drop it in the comments below - would love to find out!

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