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Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes With Your Personal Brand #90

I see you hiding behind your business. Maybe you're churning out amazing content, but something holds you back from stepping into the spotlight.

Fear? I get it.

But here's the truth: hiding hurts your business, not helps it.

In 2013, I was just another "mommy blogger," drowning in a sea of sameness. My content was valuable, but I wasn't charging what I was worth or rather not one brand was willing to pay me above $100 per blog post.

Why? Because I lacked a brand.

Think of it like this: you walk into a hardware store needing nails. You see a bunch of brands, all seemingly the same. You pick the cheapest one, right?

That's the "commodity trap" I was stuck in.

Building a brand is your escape hatch. It's what separates you from the crowd, allowing you to charge premium prices and attract dream clients.

But here's the kicker: I see amazing entrepreneurs like you make the same mistakes I did when building your brands. When you continue to do this, it would leave you feeling defeated and discouraged, not to mention wasting a lot of time and missed opportunities.

Let's tackle the top 3 and turn you into a personal branding powerhouse:

Mistake #1: Value Vacuum - Giving Without Connecting

We're bombarded with the message to "give value" in our content. Every guru out there is telling you to give tons of value to your audience to "gain trust and credibility".

And that's why we are seeing lots of "how-to" content and "why you should (fill in the blanks)" type of content out there.

Here's the thing: "value" is contextual. It's like a delicious meal - it only satisfies if it hits the spot.

Imagine you sell sourdough bread. Sharing a "how-to-bake" video might seem valuable, but is it what your ideal customer truly wants?

Maybe they'd appreciate tips on slicing and storing the bread, or delicious recipes using it more. Tailor your content to their desires, not just generic "value."

Mistake #2: The Faceless Expert - Where's the YOU?

A personal brand is, well, personal. It's not about oversharing your life story, but about infusing your content with your unique perspective, experiences, and even your personality (yes, even the quirky bits!).

Think about it: what makes you stand out in the crowded online space?

It's your story, your journey, your flaws and all. Embrace your authenticity, and watch your audience connect with you on a deeper level.

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Mistake #3: The Disconnect - From Value to Offer

You're creating amazing content, you're connecting with your audience, but... what's next?

Don't leave them hanging! Think of your content as a free sample. People who engage with it have shown interest, and they might be ready for more. Offer them a clear next step, like a free downloadable guide, a trial offer or a consultation call. This is how you nurture leads and turn them into paying clients. And in this day and age, this step can be done with automation, to save you money and cost on manpower.

Remember, mama bosses, building a brand is a journey, not a destination. Embrace these tips, ditch the fear, and watch your dream business blossom!

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