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Mastering Powerful Communication with Dawn Foo #80

MomBoss Academy
Mastering Powerful Communication with Dawn Foo #80

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, the ability to communicate effectively is your secret weapon. Dive into our latest #MomBoss Spotlight interview where we explore how powerful presentation skills can help women entrepreneurs not only conquer their fear of public speaking but also catapult their businesses to new heights.

In this episode, MomBoss Academy graduate, Dawn Foo who is now an Emotional Intelligence Coach and Founder of Life Skills For Hope,shares her expertise in mastering powerful communication.


In this engaging conversation, you'll discover: 

🔹 The secrets to effective communication in both business and personal life. 

🔹 The FVO formula to get over Imposter Syndrome 

🔹 Strategies to boost your confidence and charisma when presenting or pitching. 

🔹 What are interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills

🔹 How people pleasing is hindering your ability to influence others and make an impact 

🔹 How Dawn went from having low esteem and unable to communicate in public to becoming a public prosecutor, a presenter, a trainer and her journey into entrepreneurship and becoming an emotional intelligence coach  

Join us as we delve deep into the world of communication, empowerment, and growth. Whether you're a in a job having to make presentation or an entrepreneur simply looking to enhance your presentation and interpersonal skills, this interview is a must-watch!  

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