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How SG Supernanny Turned Her Struggle Into Superpower

Have you ever overcome a struggle in your life?

My guess is… you have. And do you know that you can turn what you have learned into your superpower and monetise on it?

That is exactly what my guest on The Chill MomBoss Show has done.

You see, Zoe Chu was a first-time mom to a set of twins who was running desperately low on sleep.

Out of necessity, she educated herself on baby sleep training methods and she managed to get out of that vicious cycle for herself.

After discovering those methods, she aimed to help other sleep deprived mothers who are struggling to put their babies and toddlers to sleep. And that marked a new chapter of her life.

Zoe decided to explore a new professional passion that enabled her to take care of her children and earn money at the same time. Therefore, she quit her full-time job as an accountant and has since grown her business into an established baby and child sleep training consultancy – SG Supernanny.

Tune in to hear Zoe’s story and pick up a tip or two on how you can start your own consultancy business, based on your superpower.

What was discussed in the discussion:

  • The process of how Zoe built SG Supernanny from scratch
  • Strategies on how you can grow your business
  • Time management tips for business owners
  • How you can establish a healthy relationship with your clients

More about Zoe Chu:

Zoe is a parenting speaker, author and a sleep expert for both young and old and she has a mission to empower tired and sleep deprived families to get back their precious sleep. You can find her at:

Website: https://www.sgsupernanny.com/zoe-chu-baby-sleep-expert-singapore
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgsupernanny

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