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The Zig/Zag Technique To Stand Out In Business

Think about the average guy approaching a woman at a bar. He would say something like this:

“Hi…do you come here a lot?”
“Hi, my name is John…"
"Hi...what are you drinking?”

These seem like normal things to say, right?

The problem is they are no different than the 5,000 guys who say the EXACT SAME THINGS!

When you are the same as everyone else, you might as well not exist. And this is especially true if you are trying to start an online business.

No matter how beautiful your website is. No matter how exceptional your guarantee is. No matter how much you care. If you are the same as everyone else, you are doomed.

This is where the concept of ZIGGING and ZAGGING comes in.

Where Others Zig, You Zag

If you do this correctly, you instantly stand out. It helps you select the right audience, while the wrong audience fades away.

Let me show you a zig/zag example from my own business.

You all know that I started as a mommy blogger.

All the other mommies were zigging along and writing about the struggles, the mundaneness of #momlife and recipes, I chose to zag and say, "Um, no. Your life isn’t just about tending to the needs of others and taking on the home-maker role. You can still live your full life as a mom, starting with a confident and happy pregnancy!”. Plus, when everyone else was all about kids' products and nursing room reviews, I talked about beauty, mindset, and self-care, waaaaay before self-care was a thing.

And can you guess what happened?

Some moms called me “entitled, privileged and selfish”.

But the people who matter stick around. These are the people who said, "Hey, wait a minute. That makes sense to me. I’m a mom but my life isn’t all about the kids. I still have my dreams. I want to look good. I want to be financially independent and have the flexibility of time. I’m willing to put in the work -- but show me what to do!”

A movement was born. And a highly profitable business, too.

YOU CAN DO THE SAME. When they zig, you should zag, and you will win every time.

How To Apply ONE Part Of this Zig/Zag Process

Think back to the last time you saw an expert trying to sell something online -- maybe it was a personal trainer, or a life coach, or even a productivity app. Do you notice how 99% of these websites are EXACTLY THE SAME?

These me-too promises to help you "find your inner self" or to "lose that stubborn weight."

Easy, fast, secure! And yet you are wondering...how are you any different than the 5,000 other options out there?

Here's the first step to differentiating yourself: Deeply understand the language of your market.

Notice how I never talk about “kids-growth charts" or “my kids’ behaviour" or even "keeping a budget." Why? BECAUSE NOBODY CARES!

When you can understand people's real language, you can connect authentically, instead of marketing AT them. It's the difference between being a salesman and being a true trusted advisor.

Mastering Your Audience Language

Take a minute to brainstorm 3 ideas you would love to create an online business around. Don't worry if you are not sure if the ideas are good or even possible. For now, just dream.

If you need a little help generating ideas, check out this excerpt on Idea Mapping from #MomBossGoal Mentorship Program on starting a business from home.

Once you have an idea you are at least interested in, let's go one step further than most people ever go. 

Let's gently "test" your idea. (By the way, don't worry if your idea is half-formed. I'll send you dozens of examples of profitable business ideas over the next couple of days. You can learn from them.)

An idea in a vacuum is a delusion. But when you test it against the market, your idea may slowly reveal itself to be a PROFITABLE IDEA.

Here's what I want you to do (20 minutes):

  1. Find 1 person -- JUST ONE! -- who might be interested in your idea. You can do this via email or in person. If you are not sure, ask ANYONE remotely close to the idea, even your parents. We are not aiming for perfection right now, just people.
  2. "Test" for language using this script: "I'm thinking of starting some kind of website around [YOUR IDEA]. When you talk to your friends about it, what do you say? What's the biggest problem around [YOUR IDEA]?”
  3. Write down the exact language they use. Did they really say, "I want a solution that's easy, fast, and secure"? No, they did not. WRITE DOWN WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAY. "I hate how these jeans look on me" is a terrific response. "Every day I wake up, I just dread going to work" is another.
  4. Post your findings in the comment box below.

Remember, your post should contain...

  • Original idea:
  • The revised idea (based on what you learned):
  • What you THOUGHT they would say:
  • What they ACTUALLY said:
  • What SURPRISED you about this exercise?

99% of people who want to start an online business don't even take this step. But the most successful people know that if they put the work in ahead of time, their business is "virtually guaranteed" to work -- and you can make 10x+ what others do.

When you are done, remember to share your findings with us!


P.S. Did you realise this post is zigging while everyone zags?

Zig/Zag #1: So many other people will simply shove information down your throat. You don't need more information -- you need to apply it. Even taking 20 minutes sets you apart from the wantrepreneurs who talk about starting a business over and over...and never actually do anything.

Zig/Zag #2: Incidentally, since we have been talking about business, I have had lots of moms telling me that they would love to sign up for my program and start a business from home. And I could have told them yes, sign up and it's an easy way to start a business. But instead of maximizing short-term profit, I’m honest and told them that it takes work. The program isn’t an overnight success that you can pay for. You learn everything you need to know about running a successful business as a mom and some of these ideas are so contrary from what you usually find on Google or YouTube, it’s going to challenge your beliefs and ways of thinking. Do you see why? Short term, I lose out on profits. But long term, I know that whoever signs up to the program is serious and they are worth my time and effort to get them to success.

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