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How Ellie Sakrzewski Made Her Hair Salon Business Stand Out From The Competition

The hair salon industry in Singapore is so competitive, so how can one become a successful salon owner, especially if you are a foreign-born mompreneur?

Australian-born Ellie Sakrzewski, Founder of The Big Blow had a successful career as a makeup artist and hairstylist from London and Paris to Sydney and Tokyo, and being the lover of a perfect blow out, she decided Singapore definitely had a gap in the market.

Watch on to learn how Ellie knew there will be a market for women who just want a blow out in Singapore and how she tested her business idea.

Here's a snapshot of what we have covered in our chat:

  • How she made herself known again every time she moved to a new city
  • How she overcame her fear to start the business
  • How she managed mom guilt when starting the business
  • How she networks and connects with people to grow the business

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