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How To Encourage Clients To Continue Working With You #67

You're a coach. You're an expert in your field, and you have amazing things to share with your clients. You have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make a difference for your clients and their businesses.

But here's the thing: you want to earn more money per client.

Upselling is a clever sales technique to getting your clients to continue working with you. But how do you make sure that happens?

In this episode of The Chill MomBoss Show, Michelle coaches Jaymie Wong who is a Peaceful Parent Coach on how to upsell and get her clients to continue working with her.

This is an episode for coaches and service providers who work on a longer term basis with their clients. 

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Links in this episode:

MomBossGoal: https://www.momboss.academy/mombossgoal-waitlist

Jaymie's Becoming Peaceful Course: https://mymumdiaries.com/course/


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