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How To Get Your Business From Zero to $100 - Fast! #82

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How To Get Your Business From Zero to $100 - Fast! #82

Starting a Business from Home and Growing it to $100K

Are you ready to embark on the journey of starting a business from the comfort of your own home, or are you seeking to take your existing venture to new heights, aiming for that coveted $100,000 mark?

Today, we'll explore the key strategies and actionable insights to make your business dreams a reality in 4 simple steps: CAOS and I learned this from my mentor, Daniel Priestley.

Starting a Business from Home: The New Entrepreneurial Frontier

The concept of starting a business from home has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The digital age has opened up new possibilities, enabling entrepreneurs to build and grow businesses from the comfort of their own spaces. It's a choice that not only offers flexibility but also taps into the ever-expanding virtual market.

Starting a business from home provides numerous advantages, including lower overhead costs, increased work-life balance, and the opportunity to follow your passions. But, making this transition isn't without its challenges, particularly when trying to grow a business to the coveted $100,000 threshold.

Business Growth Strategies: From Zero to $100K

Reaching $100K in revenue is a significant milestone for any business. To help you get there, we've broken down some essential business growth strategies.


When starting a business from home, it's crucial to identify the concept of the business. Your business's concept is its very foundation, defining what it stands for and what it aims to achieve.

To create a strong concept, you need to consider three key elements: your passion, a problem you can solve, and something people will pay for. Imagine these three elements as intersecting like a Venn diagram, finding a balance between what excites you, what the market needs, and what's profitable. It's all about striking a middle ground without leaning too heavily on one aspect.

To ensure your concept is rock solid, it's essential to ask yourself some fundamental questions:

  • What are you truly passionate about?
  • What problems can you effectively address?
  • And how can you package your solutions in a way that people are willing to pay for?

And what are people willing to pay for? The intersection of these three elements is where you'll find your sweet spot.


Building a loyal audience is paramount. Audiences can be dormant or active. The key is to engage the dormant group by providing content that sparks their interest. Consider creating insightful articles, checklists, or other resources to turn their passive curiosity into active engagement.

Once you've identified your audience, focus on building it. Encourage your audience to join a community, such as a Facebook group or attend virtual events. This sense of community signifies genuine interest in your business and lays the foundation for growth.


Your offer is a critical component of business growth. Rather than creating an offer solely based on your skills, focus on understanding your audience's needs. Conduct surveys and gather data to tailor your offer to precisely what your audience is seeking. This ensures that your offer is not just what you can provide but what your audience truly desires.

Some questions to help you come up with a desirable offer are:

  • How would they like to consume/use this?
  • At what price point would they feel like it's a bargain? (You don't have to give discount or be the cheapest in your industry?)
  • What is their pain point and how does the way you package your offer helps them get away from pain or towards their desires?

For example, we help business owners get consistent leads and 10x their sales in their business. The solution is the same. But we have different offers - varying in prices and the way we help from $50,000 Done-For-You Services to $12,500 1-on-1 coaching to $5000 DIY courses.

By aligning your offer with their needs, you significantly increase the chances of converting leads into paying customers.


Sales are often overlooked in formal education, but they're essential for business growth. Every sale is about helping customers move from an unsatisfactory reality to a desired one, passing various stages of different emotions.

It's crucial to communicate how your offer provides a straightforward path to their ideal scenario. Sales hinge on three pillars: logic, emotion, and urgency. Proficiency in all three areas is key.

Simplifying Business Growth

In essence, starting a business from home and growing it to $100,000 involves a combination of understanding your passion, clarifying your concept, engaging your audience, tailoring your offer, and mastering the art of sales. This framework simplifies the path to success, providing clarity and confidence as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

Success in the business world is often perceived as a complex and challenging endeavour. I love this framework and how it simplifies the process into manageable steps and strategies. And if you know me, I like things simple.

Starting a business from home and reaching that $100K milestone can be challenging but it is also very attainable goal. I've seen it happened again and again in our momboss community and I hope that the insights shared in this blog post will serve as your guiding light on this exciting journey.

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