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To Any Mompreneurs Feeling Guilty… #86

Over time, I’ve learnt that being a Mompreneur and a sense of constant internal guilt are two sides of the same coin. Motherhood is difficult. Entrepreneurship is difficult.

And to be juggling both at once? It’s a praiseworthy, but a tremendous battle.

The last thing you need is another battle with yourself by feeling guilty. Whilst you can’t completely remove this sense of guilt (I haven’t been able to), you have the power to minimise and manage it.

There’s a mental side to it in how you view this emotion in the first place.

But there’s also a practical side to it in how well your business is designed to give you work-life balance.

In this video I discussed:

  • My relationship with Guilt & lessons learned
  • The mental side to overcoming guilt
  • What is put in place in my business to reduce mom-guilt

Let me know your thoughts and please share how you overcome that icky guilt whenever in comes up in the comment below. 🙏🏻

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