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August 2022 Income Report - $63,646.06 (Launch Report + Stats)

Welcome to our August 2022 Income Report!

It’s been a year since I last published an income report and so much had happened since then.

I’ve got a LOT to share in this month’s income report, and I’m really excited to dig in.

August Income

  • Social media sponsored posts: $5,650
  • Brand deal royalty: $4,080
  • Guest posts: $188.41
  • Affiliate income: $799
  • Product sales: $790
  • Instagram Growth & Monetisation Bootcamp: $715.97
  • IN DEMAND Personal Branding Accelerator: $5,186.32
  • Momentum Coaching subscription: $3,029.09
  • MomBossGoal Mentorship Program: $21,310.80
  • Fashion Start Up: 11,321.47
  • Done-for-you Services: $10,575

TOTAL INCOME: $63,646.06

August Expenses

  • Advertising and promotion: $5,821.37
  • Affiliate fees: $2,345.60
  • Contractors: $1,084.78
  • Stripe fees: $1,333.51
  • Bank service charges: $8.00
  • Miscellaneous expenses: $210.12
  • Software: $891.77
  • Meals and entertainment: $395.75
  • Payroll and salary: $12,382
  • Telephone: $39.35
  • Rent: $1,500.00

TOTAL EXPENSES: $26,027.13

So what worked? And how was August? Let’s chat.


Worked Only 3-4 hours Per Day

What I’m most proud about this month is my team at MomBoss Academy. August was full-on month for me, personally. My helper had left, so yes, I was cleaning the house, cooking 2 meals a day for my family, in the process of interviewing and hiring a new helper and I had COVID-19!

Yet, everything went smoothly and according to plans at MomBoss Academy, even though my active working time is cut short to 3, max 4 hours a day.


Re-Launched MomBossGoal

The start of August was devoted to the re-launch of one of our signature programs, MomBossGoal (MBG). For reference, this is our 7th intake and the last time we launched MBG was 6 months prior, in February. That launch earned about $22,400 in revenue. This launch, in August, had a 50% increase in sales! We earned about $33,800.

By the way the figures you see for MomBossGoal and any of the programs above are the figures that got paid into my bank account.

We have instalment plans for our programs. And that’s why we have income from other programs that we didn’t launch this month - giving me recurring revenue even on months that we aren’t selling anything!


Better Returns on Facebook/Instagram Ads

We pretty much did everything the same as the last launch because we had good conversion rates at every stages. So same landing page, same reminder emails + sales emails and same presentation!

The only thing changed was that I’m more confident and invested more money into our ads, and focused on retargeting after they have signed up.

The Facebook ads expense in the report above is a little misleading — that report combines all money spent on Facebook ads (including on the launch of Fashion Start Up and on our evergreen products). But overall, we did spend around $4,300 on ads specifically for the MBG launch (this includes all MBG ads between July to August and earned about $18,000 from those ads — more than 4-to-1 return on my investment.

A majority of that ad spend was used to target cold traffic (people who weren’t on my list and who hadn’t visited my website — basically, people who hadn’t heard of me before). And it ended up bringing in close to 800 new subscribers and 1,500 new followers too!

By the way, if you are interested on learning how to launch or sell your programs/coaching services via a webinar or seminar, check this out.


Niche Program - Fashion Start Up 

We also did a 2nd launch for Fashion Start Up. It’s our program by Anseina Eliza to help people start their own fashion label.

Again, same landing page, same sales page, with updated bonuses and some additional slides to the presentation and we were good to go!

We earned about $17,500 from this intake.


More Testimonials!

Now that 6 intakes of students have gone through MomBossGoal and Fashion Start Up, we had a lot more testimonials and case studies to choose from, which was great. I added a bunch of text testimonials to the sales page, but also added video interviews.

If you haven’t interviewed your students or clients as case studies — do it! I sent out a call for testimonials to my past students, picked out some of my favourite success stories, and scheduled a quick, 10-minute Facebook interview with them.

These videos can be used on sales pages, social media, sales emails and even in Facebook ads. They also tend to be more convincing (in my opinion) than a standard text testimonial because you can hear the genuine excitement from the student.

Also, it gives me a renewed excitement of how the programs have truly transformed their lives and carry that energy over to the live webinar!


Evergreen Products

We have also made our sought-after LIVE 5-Day Instagram Bootcamp into an evergreen product because many people said they can’t make it live and would like to learn at their own schedule and pace.

(Evergreen means you can purchase and join at anytime of the year instead of having to wait until it is open for registration, like some of our other programs.)

So evergreen products are great addition to your offer ecosystem, especially when it’s a digital program being sold via a funnel, which means it is truly a passive income. Let the automation works for you!

Are you curious to learn more about my Million Dollar Webinar system that I have used to successfully launch my programs that I talked about in this post? If so, this may be for you.

And if you are not sure what you need to grow your business further, I have a FREE upcoming masterclass next week - Join us at our Passion to Profit masterclass!


Let me know if you have any questions, comments or insights to share! Let's chat down below.

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